Third Annual Meeting of Iowa Section American Water Works Association.

Third Annual Meeting of Iowa Section American Water Works Association.

The third annual meeting of the Iowa Section, American Water Works Association, was held October 10, 11 and 12, 1917, at Council Bluffs, Iowa.

The meeting was opened at 10.45 a. m., October 10, 1917, in the ballroom of the Grand Hotel at Council Bluffs, with Mr.

S. L. Etnyre, vice-chairman of the section, in the chair.

Dr. M. B. Snyder, mayor of Council Bluffs, was introduced and delivered an address of welcome on behalf of the city. At the conclusion of the mayor’s address, Mr. Robert B. Wallace, member of the Water Board of Council Bluffs, welcomed the section on behalf of the Water Board. Mr. Charles B. Henderson, chairman of the section, replied to the addresses of welcome on behalf of the Iowa Section and then took the chair. Committees on resolutions, nominations and auditing were appointed.

The meeting was then opened for round-table discussion of the topic: Lack of Pressure in Small Systems Due to Friction.

The subject rapidly shifted to fire pressure and the elimination of small sized mains. Discussion continued until noon, when the section adjourned. The section assembled at 1.45 p. m., and the following papers were read and discussed: Recovering a Pump Lost in a Deep Well, W. A. Judd, superintendent water department, Mason City; Water Supply and Water Pressure, by Hon. Ole O. Roe, State Fire Marshal.

It was moved that a vote of thanks be extended to Mr. Roe for his kindness in addressing the section and for his excellent discussion of the subject. Carried unanimously. At the request of Mr. J. Chris Jensen, the subject of guarding of water plants was taken up for discussion. No uniformity of procedure was discovered.

The section then went into business session. The auditing committee reported the books of the section in good shape. The resolution committee brought in resolutions thanking the cities of Council Bluffs and Omaha, Neb., for the opportunities to be given for the inspection of their water plants and thanking the officials concerned in providing the entertainments accorded the section. Another resolution expressed appreciation of the efforts of Mr. Charles R. Henderson for his efforts and devotion in the service of the section. A fourth resolution was presented, in which the section declared its intention to stand squarely behind the president of the United States and to support the Government in the prosecution of the war. These resolutions were unanimously adopted.

The nominating committee brought in the following ticket: For chairman, S. _L. Etnyre, of Council Bluffs; for vice-chairman, W. A. Judd, of Mason City; for directors, G. E. Shoemaker, of Waterloo, and B. F. Stedman, of Dubuque. They were unanimously elected.

These officers, constituting the executive committee, afterwards reappointed Jack J. Hinman, Jr., State University of Iowa, Iowa City, to the office of secretary-treasurer.

The report of the executive committee, designating Iowa City as the place of meeting on alternate years, was read. It was explained that the meeting at Iowa City was intended to be devoted entirely to papers, discussion and other business. The report was adopted unanimously. This action automatically placed the fourth annual convention in Iowa City in 1918.

The Committee on the Sanitary Drinking Fountain made a progress report and asked for a continuance of the committee. It was moved that committee be continued, its progress report accepted and that the section express appreciation for the report as presented.

The membership committee reported as follows: New members, 4; gained by transfer, 1; dropped, 2.

At the evening session the delegates listened to the following papers: American Water Works Laboratories, Jack J. Hinman, Jr., water bacteriologist and chemist, laboratories for the state board of health. State University of Iowa, Iowa City; The Presumptive Test for B. Coli, Max Levine, assistant professor of bacteriology and hygiene, Iowa State College; chemical methods, Joseph B. Thornell, chemist, Broadway pumping station, Council Bluffs.

A vote of thanks was tendered to Professor Levine for his very able paper.

The section met at 9.50 a. m., October 11, in the ballroom of the Grand Hotel. The following papers were read : The Council Bluffs City Water Plant, J. Chris Jensen, chairman of the water board; Tbe Fort Dodge Cantonment, K. C. Kastbcrg, city engineer, Des Moines; Early Experiences in Water Works Construction in Iowa, Chas. P. Chase, consulting engineer, Clinton.

The section then adjourned until 1 o’clock when it assembled in the foyer of the Grand Hotel and was taken by automobiles to visit the 37th street station, the Broadway pumping station, and the Glendale reservoir station of the Council Bluffs City Water Works. At eight o’clock an entertainment and luncheon was given to the section in the ball room ot the Grand Hotel by the Chamber of Commerce of Council Bluffs.

The following morning the section was called to order by Chairman Henderson at 10.15. Mr. R. B. Howell, general manager of the Metropolitan water district of Omaha, Neb., addresed the section. His subject was “The Omaha Water Plant.” Following Mr. Howell’s address Mr. Homer V. Knouse, constructing engineer, Metropolitan water district, read a paper on “Metalium.” Both papers were followed by considerable discussion and both Mr. Howell and Mr. Knouse were extended votes of thanks for their kindness in addressing the section.

In the afternoon the members of the section were taken to see a section of pipe laid with metalium joints and were then taken to the Florence station of the Metropolitan water district. Here the members were allowed to see the preparation of a batch of alum cake for use in the coagulation of the water. An inspection of tne basins and pumping station was followed by tea. At about 5 o’clock the section was taken back to the Broadway Pumping station for luncheon. The meeting was then adjourned. The total attendance was 58, while the average attendance at sessions was 34.

The following officers were elected for the coming year: Chairman, S. L.Etnyre, of Council Bluffs; vice-chairman, W. A. Judd, of Mason City; directors, G. E. Shoemaker, of Waterloo, B. F. Stedman, of Dubuque; secretary-treasurer, Jack J. Hinman, Jr., State University of Iowa, Iowa City.

The next meeting will be held in Iowa City in the fall of 1918.

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