Thousand File Claims After Chevron Fire

Several thousand Richmond (CA) residents have filed legal claims against Chevron Corp., seeking compensation for a refinery fire that folded the air for hours and sent more than 4,000 people to seek medical care, reports USA Today.

Hundreds of residents showed up at a makeshift claim center in Richmond on Friday, and many more submitted claims throughout the week by calling a special hotline Chevron established after Monday’s explosion and fire. The company said a total of about 3,800 people had submitted claims through Friday afternoon.

Most of the claims appear to be asking for modest amounts, reflecting the fact that there have been no reports of serious injury and nearly all seeking medical care were treated and released after a few hours in the hospital.

“It’s not about the money,” said Chanel Harris, who was seeking reimbursement for the cost of taking her three young children to the emergency room of the nearby Kaiser Hospital. “It’s about holding Chevron accountable.”

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