Threatening Theatre Fire Checked

Threatening Theatre Fire Checked

A fire in the Rialto Theatre Building, a triangular structure facing on Central and Lexington Avenues, Passaic, N. J., which occurred on December 6 last, threatened to assume large proportions, but was kept down to small loss by the Passaic Fire Department, under command of Chief R. H. Bowker. The first alarm came in 10:22, from the theatre box. and this was followed by two other alarms, when Chief Bowker, on arrival with the first alarm companies found the blaze well advanced and sized up a very threatening situation.

The blaze originated in a barrel of old papers stored in one of the cellars of the stores under the theatre and had communicated to the stores above when the department arrived. Four Ahrens-Fox 1,300gal. and one Webb 550gal. pumpers were used, there being four hydrants available, as shown in the diagram furnished by courtesy of Chief Bowker, the hydrants having 6-inch branches to mains and all three-way, with independent valves on each 2 1/2inch hose outlet, with steamer connection. _ These were spaced some 350 feet apart. The pressure was 95 pounds and 10 hydrant streams were thrown, about’3,000 feet of hose being laid. Nozzles used were 15 1/4 and 1 1/8 inches. Cellar pipes were also used to advantage. The fire burned about three hours, and the loss was kept down to about $30,000 on building and contents. The stores involved were ladies’ dress goods, shoe-shining parlor, fruit store and notion shop.

Retired N. Y., Deputy Chief Dies in Miami—Former Deputy Chief James F. Murray, of the New York Fire Department, died at his winter home in Miami, Fla., at the age of seventy-five. He was a member of the fire department for more than forty years and his death followed a short illness. The funeral took place from his late residence in Brooklyn on January 7 and interment was made at the Holy Cross. Cemetery. The funeral escort consisted of a battalion of three companies with twenty-four men to each company under the command of Depute Chief Patrick Maher.

Chief R. H. Bowker, Passaic N. J.

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