Three Alarm in Panama City

Three Alarm in Panama City

The fire department of Panama City, Panama, made quick work of a fire which at one time threatened to envelop an entire section of a city. The alarm was sounded at 1:26 p. m., for a fire which started in a three-story building used for a rooming house. The alarm brought out a pumper, a chemical and hose car, and a ladder truck.

About thirty minutes later, the safety of nearby buildings was feared and a second alarm was sent in, followed shortly afterwards by a third alarm. At 2:15 p. m., the fire was brought under control and at 3:50 p. m., it was extinguished. ,

Ruins of the Hotel in Panama City Showing the Narrow Streets, and the Lower Floor Practically Intact.

The district in which the fire occurred is composed entirely of wooden houses, and it is inhabited by the colored people that were brought over for the construction of the Panama Canal. The streets, as illustrated are very narrow, and the fire-fighting was therefore more difficult. The lower section of the building was only damaged by water, and a clock in the bar room was still keeping time after the fire.

The fire department is based on the same organization as that of the United States. They have American made fire apparatus, Eureka fire hose and a Gamewell fire alarm system. Chief Juan Anton Guizado is an active factor in reducing the fire losses of that city.

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