Three Burned in Fire at Refinery

Three Burned in Fire at Refinery

Blazing fumes spread through an underground piping system at the new high octane gasoline refinery of the Sun Oil Company in Marcus Hook, Pa., on August 13 after an explosion which blew out all the windows in the compression building.

Burning vapor which escaped from vents covered large areas inside the plant grounds and vicinity, and three workers crossing the danger zone in a truck were caught in a sudden hurst of flaming butane gas and were badly burned.

The explosion occurred when some liquid butane gas was being drawn from one of the spheroid containers into the compressing system.

Raleigh Heacock, Chief Marshal of the Sun Company’s fire department, said employees ran to the valves to shut off the other spheroids. The liquid butane, kicked back into the sewerage system of the plant, volatized, sending out inflammable fumes through all the open vents. A passing automobile’s backfire set fire to one of the pockets of fumes.

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