Three Cities Help Fight Stock Yard Fire

Three Cities Help Fight Stock Yard Fire

The Big Packing House of Armour & Co., Damaged in National City, Ill.—Large Theatre Fire in Des Moines—Week’s Burnings

Fire Departments of National City, St. Louis and East St. Louis, Fighting Blaze in Packing House of Armour & Company, at National City, Ill.

THE result of overheating, a fire started in the large smoke-house of Armour & Company in the northwest part of the stockyards at National City, Ill., at 3:30 p. m., on June 17 and before it was gotten under control, some $500,000 worth of damage was done. The building, was six stories in height, occupied a space of 167 by 67 feet and was constructed of brick and frame. The structure was stored with meat in process of curing, a large portion of which was in the basement, and most of this was destroyed. The alarm was received by the National City fire department under command of Chief Timothy Donahue and was telephoned in from the plant.

As soon as Chief Donahue arrived and saw the seriousness of the situation—the building being practically entirely involved—he at once called for help from East St. Louis and from St. Louis, Mo. The former sent as many men as they could spare, including five companies, with three pumpers, two hose cars, and one city service truck, all motorized. St. Louis, Mo., sent one engine company and a hose company, but only one went into service. There were two lines from the Swift plant fire pumps, with pressures of 120 pounds each.

Five hydrants were used about 300 feet apart with a pressure of 50 pounds at the hydrants. Ten engine streams were thrown and 7,000 feet of hose being laid. A turret pipe from one of the hose cars was also employed. The stockyards and packing plants of National City are separated from the city itself so that the danger to the residential portions was not great. It was fully two hours before the fire was gotten under control. The value of the building was reckoned at $200,000, with a loss of $150,000 and the contents, consisting of smoked meats and machinery for handling them, valued at $300,000 was a total loss.

New Straight Chemical for Andrews, S. C.—A new Foamite-Childs straight chemical is being made for the fire department of Andrews, S. C. The apparatus will be equipped with two chemical tanks.

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