Three Die in Magnesium Plant Accident

Three Die in Magnesium Plant Accident

Three men died and two were injured as 200 pounds of magnesium burst into searing flames at a new $12,000,000 magnesium plant near San Jose, Calif.

F. B. I. agents described the fire as an industrial accident and said sabotage was not involved. Damage to the plant was slight.

The three victims were working on experimental equipment for loading powdered magnesium into a retort for heating, the final process before it is cooled into a mass. The powdered form burns at a low temperature in a brilliant, hot flame.

As the magnesium poured down a funnel into the retort, it suddenly burst ablaze, setting fire to the men’s clothing and the movable wooden platform on which they were working. Other workers pulled the men from the platform and tore off their burning clothes.

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