Three Frame Tenements Burn in Boston

Three Frame Tenements Burn in Boston

Three new frame “three decker” tenements at Nos. 40—44 Mildred avenue in the Mattapan district of Boston, Mass., were destroyed and four other buildings damaged in a spectacular fast burning blaze that broke out on the afternoon of August 22. The presence of mind of Lieut. Edward G. Chamberlain, of ladder 18, who discovered the fire while off duty and sent in, three alarms without waiting for the arrival of a superior officer brought a large assignment of apparatus to the scene in quick time, thus preventing what might have been a very disastrous and far reaching tire in a congested district.

Several roof and grass fires were started by flying sparks and damage was caused to the house at 12 Rich street, an eighth of a mile away, when the roof ignited from a brand carried on the wind.

Lines were carried to both front and rear of the blazing tenements, the apparatus being massed on Norfolk street and Mildred avenue. The crew s of Engine 52, under Capt. Lorenzo D. Merrill, and of Engine 19, under Capt John Gavin, did effective work in stopping the spread of the flames. The row of tenements beyond the fourth building was saved from destruction by a concentration of streams.

Chief Daniel F. Sennott responded on the second alarm and assumed charge of department operations. He was assisted by Deputy Chief Walter M. McLean, District Chief John Kenney, District Chief James Lally, and District Chief Francis Jordan. The occupants of the tenements made their way to the street in safety. The blaze is thought to have been set by boys in the rear of a new and untenanted building. The flames raged furiously and by the time the first apparatus reached the scene the rear of three adjoining tenements were involved.

New Orleans, La., Has Needless Loss—According to R. P. Strong, secretary of the Louisiana Fire Prevention bureau, New Orleans, La., is suffering an unnecessary fire loss of $50,000 a year due to the delay caused by transmitting fire alarms over the telephone.

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