Three French Departments Select RescueSim for Training and Disaster Management

VSTEP and its French partner ATRISc announce that the Fire and Rescue Services of the French departments Drôme (26), Ardèche (07) and Loire (42) have selected RescueSim as the virtual training solution for their incident management training and preparation. RescueSim will provide the three departments with an effective tool to enhance, assess and train the skills of the SDIS 26, SDIS 07 and SDIS 42 emergency services, allowing them to prepare and train for any thinkable incident.

RescueSim is a virtual incident management platform created by simulator developer VSTEP. RescueSim allows training of every possible incident and has additional specialized modules allowing realistic training of Industrial, Port, Underground, Airport, Railroad, Onboard & Offshore Incidents. It is used by governments, companies and emergency services worldwide to train incidents in a safe and effective way. 

The three departmental SDIS are the latest customers joining the growing number of RescueSim users within France and Europe. The three SDIS together employ over 8500 people and service a population of more than 1.5 million people in the 3 departments. RescueSim will be used by the SDIS to train, evaluate and improve the response and cooperation for many different types of incidents, from standard emergency response and traffic accidents, to full scale Industrial incidents, floodings, forest fires and other disasters. 

Bertrand Weckel, Director ATRISc: “We are proud see the RescueSim user base growing in France and are proud to have the Emergency Services of these three important regions as the latest customers in France. Rescue Sim will prove a very valuable tool to assist these French Fire & Rescue Services with the training of their personnel for any possible emergency situation.”

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