Thuh Company Introduces New FIRE-QRVS Service

Thuh Company is pleased to announce an innovative new service that revolutionizes rapid response and management for firefighters – FIRE-QRVS. FIRE-QRVS is a firefighter response verification and fire department management system that has been specifically designed to complement existing paging and 911 dispatch systems. It has been created by professional firefighters to provide critical information to first responders during and after an incident.

FIRE-QRVS employs a unique integration of computer systems, mobile smart phone apps, text messaging, GPS and Internet technologies to create an unparalleled yet affordable offering for firefighters. FIRE-QRVS is especially well-suited for departments that are largely comprised of volunteers or composite members.

Timely and accurate communications are some of the best tools in the firefighter’s arsenal. FIRE-QRVS contains a wealth of features and functionality specifically designed to maximize utilization of firefighting resources and personnel.

When a fire department is called upon to respond to an incident, Fire-QRVS not only provides dynamic, real-time information regarding which personnel are responding and their estimated time of arrival, but also provides detailed information about incident location (including on-screen maps) and driving directions to get there.

In addition to its robust front-end response verification and communication features, the FIRE-QRVS services also include comprehensive incident / management reporting capabilities for complete accountability and visibility to all activities for historical and analytical purposes.

For more information about how FIRE-QRVS services can improve the safety and efficiency of your firefighters, please contact Kenneth Grisham at 888-618-5030, email, visit the website at or simply go to to see a brief video that demonstrates the benefits of FIRE-QRVS.

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