Tiburon to Have Department

Tiburon to Have Department

Tiburon, little community of several thousand inhabitants in Marin Command on San Francisco Bay just opposite Angel Island immigration station, is going to have its own tire department at long last.

For years, the little community has been protected by the fire department of Belvedere, located on an island just to the west. Belvedere is connected with Tiburon by a causeway. Another causeway connects it with the mainland to the north.

The national emergency has caused many of the small cities of Marin County to make plans for enlarged departments. That, coupled with a desire to lower insurance rates, caused the commissioners of Tiburon Fire District to confer with District Attorney A. E. Bagshaw on the legal phases of a contract with the Mack International Motor Truck Company.

The commissioners are reported to have chosen a 500 g.p.m. pumper equipped with a power take-off. a 300-gallon water tank, 1000 feet of 2 1/2-inch hose and 500 feet of booster line. It will also be equipped with several small ladders and standard equipment.

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