Fire Photographer Tim Olk Wins Northbrook 2015 Civic Award

Fire photographer and regular Fire Engineering contributor Tim Olk recently won a Northbrook (IL) Civic Award (pictured above).

Olk, a lifetime Northbrook, and seven volunteers of the greater Northbrook community were recognized at the Civic Foundation’s annual meeting and awards dinner, this year held at Northbrook Pinstripes, according to the Northbrook Star.

The report noted that Northbrook Fire Department personnel, including Northbrook Fire Chief Jose Torres, attended to support Olk.

Olk shoots for more than 50 Midwest fire departments, including the Chicago and Northbrook fire departments, and photographs funerals of first responders. As noted above, his photos have appeared in Fire Engineering magazine and well as on its Web site, and he routinely shoots photos at the annual FDIC show in Indianapolis.

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Tim Olk’s fire photo Web site is

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