Time to Roll up the Sleeves

Time to Roll up the Sleeves

THIS is the time of the year to take stock—and take action. The end ot the most costly, terrible war in history leaves the fire service war-weary, undermanned and under-equipped after an epochal four-year fight to hold fire losses to the minimum—a fight that cannot be abated for a moment.

  • All the war hangover problems of demobilization, unemployment, surplus property disposal and inflation that plague government and industry have a direct bearing on the nation’s fire losses, and on its fire service.
  • While being thankful that the carnage is over, key men of the fire service are wide awake to the post-war problems that face them. They see the need of revitalizing their fire prevention and protection methods, apparatus and equipment. They’ve given the fire appliance manufacturers their ideas of the types and kinds of apparatus and equipment they want—and need (as you will see by reading further in this issue). And the manufacturers have rolled up their sleeves; they are speeding plans to increase production and bring their products in line with the needs of the fire service.
  • Their activity is mirrored in the increasing number of manufacturer announcements in Fire Engineering—an advertising increase which is being balanced by a corresponding increase in editorial contents. All to the goodl Fire Engineering and its great field of activity are both rolling up their sleeves!

Season’s Greetings!

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