To Own or Contract For?

To Own or Contract For?

That is the question in Interlaken, N. J., residential borough of nearly 1000 persons. In January, Interlaken was shopping around for fire and first-aid protection. But there didn’t seem to be any great ‘bargains.’

A contract for these two essential services, supplied in the past by volunteer company of neighboring Wanamassa, ended in 1954. It was not renewed because of an increase in cost from $1,000 to $4,500 annually that was sought b____ the Wanamassa department.

A request to have neighboring Asbury Park take over the services for Interlaken was turned down early in the month on the grounds there was no legal provision under which Asbury Park, which maintains a full-time paid fire department, could step in. Officials said that emergency service would be extended to Interlaken, as in the past, but primary service could not be undertaken.

Interlaken’s mayor, Sanford Flint, said he hoped to be able to announce a permanent arrangement soon but he was non-committal on the question of just who was going to take over services even during the interim. He said he was working out an arrangement with two neighbors for fire protection and for first aid.

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