President Clancy, of International Association, Appoints Chiefs to Co-operate with National Fire Protection Association.

Scene at Fire at Christian Brothers’College, St. Louis, Mo. Six Firemen Were Killed by Falling Wall.

President Clancy, of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, has appointed the following committee to co-operate with the National Fire Protection Association in the preparation of a Firemen’s Manual: Chief Frank E. Henderson, St. Louis, Mo.; Chief James McFall, Roanoke, Va.; Chief Frank G. Reynolds, Augusta, Ga.; Chief O. Johnson, Superior, Wis., and Chief William H. Murphy, Philadelphia, Pa. Some time ago Secretary Franklin H. Wentworth, of the National Fire Prevention Association, Boston, Mass., wrote to Chief _ Me Fall, secretary of the International Association of Fire Engineers, asking for the appointment of such a special committee. This letter was considered by the Board of Directors in Providence, and President Clancy was authorized to appoint a committee of five. Those selected have accepted the appointment. Secretary Wentworth in his letter said:

“We have decided to undertake the preparation of a fireman’s manual, the intention being to evolve a book which shall be as useful to the rank and file of fire department as our Field Practice is to the inspectors of the country. Several cities have issued manuals for their firemen, but these hooks are mostly taken up with matters relating particularly to the city publishing them. We have countless requests from firemen all over the world for information on various subjects that should properly be treated under one cover. This is an undertaking involving great labor and great expense, but we do not know who will do it if we don’t. It took us three years to prepare and publish Field Practice. Now, we do not wish to undertake a fireman’s manual without the assistance and co-operation of the International Association of Fire Engineers, and this letter is to ask if you will not request your Executive Committee to appoint a special committee of able and capable chiefs in your association to co-operate with us in the preparation of this book. Our Field Practice name of the committee producing it. We should is wholly impersonal, not even containing the feel it just, however, in case we bring out a fireman’s manual to print in it the names of the fire chiefs who assist in its production. This will give to the fire chiefs participating in the work a lasting monument.”

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