The following hints on the prevention of fins in dwellinghouses issued by the Continental insurance company, may be found useful:

Ashes.—Keep only in metal cans and away from woodwork Careless servants will let them stand in wooden boxes or barrels. Wood ashes need special care.

Careless smokers cause fires by throwing mutches or lighted cigars and cigarettes in waste paper baskets, rubbish, etc.

Cloths used in cleaning hardwood floors, etc., should be burned at once. There is danger of spontaneous combustion if oily cloths are left about.

Electric light and power wiring should be regularly inspected by experts, and the latest improved safely devices and precautions adopted.

Empty boxes, barrels, waste paper, etc., should not be allowed to accumulate.

Flues.—Inspection by an expert is advisable. Defective flues cause one fifth of all fires. Flooring joists, and other woodwork, etc., should be well separated from stoves, furnaces, furnace pipes, flues, etc., to prevent fire from overheating.

Gas brackets should be so fastened as not to swing against woodwork, curtains, etc. Globes are desirable, especially in bedrooms, as they shield flame from curtains, etc. They should be promptly replaced when broken.

Kerosene—Make sure your servants do not use kerosene in kindling fires in stoves.

Oil lamps and stoves should be filled by daylight only, and never while burning. Never use oil. benzine. etc., by artificial light, or in the same room with flame of any kind. Hanging lamps need special care to prevent falling.

Plumbers and painters should be required to take proper precautions as to fire-pots, oily overalls, etc. Oily overalls should be hung where they will keep cool.

Selflighting attachments for gas are desirable; particularly on brackets near curtains, as they render needless the use of open flame in lighting.

Matches.—Safety matches are the best Friction matches should he kept in boxes of metal or other non-combustible material.

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