To Show His Appreciation

To Show His Appreciation

ONE of the nicest things we have ever received is the following letter recently written to our New England manager, Mr. F. K. Kretschmar, by a prominent advertiser. We quote:

“As I explained to you when you were out to the Works last week, we are planning to carry our advertising along the same lines as last year and no increases were contemplated.

There has been, however, such a marked improvement in the editorial and physical character of Fire and Water Engineering that we felt that the least we could do to show our appreciation of this improvement was to double the space we have been carrying.

I am very pleased, therefore, to hand you herewith our new contract.”

  • We have not yet had opportunity to ask permission of the advertiser to use his name, but we hope to be able to reproduce the letter in full in an early issue.
  • Meanwhile, we shall be glad to furnish to those interested full information as to what we have done for this advertiser and what we can do for you. Will you write us?

Thank you.

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