Today’s Debate: Junior Firefighting Programs Results/Comments

Should Junior Firefighting programs be more tightly regulated?

Final Results:

YES: 13
NO: 2

“Yes, but it should be on the local level not the state or federal. Let the local fire department do it but it must be watched and monitored closely.”

“Yes. Junior programs need to be run strictly. These juniors are the future of the fire service and need to be shown the right way of doing things from the start or they will become a difficult project to correct later in their career as they become full members. They are definitely an asset to us, but we must remember that their youthful energy can at times be misdirected. They need to understand the Brotherhood of our job, the rich history, and traditions, while never letting the dinosaurs of the fire service plant the wrong seeds.”

“Yes. I think that they should be closely supervised. I think that a lot of departments use the program as a tool for membership. But if the programs aren’t supervised closely they can turn into a social club, which now becomes a place to hang out. The firehouse is not a place to hangout. In addition, some programs offer ride along programs, in which the youth observes first hand emergency calls. In these programs close supervision and regulations is imperative, otherwise the department is assuming a huge liability.”

“Being a 15 year old junior firefighter I feel that it is important that junior members pass essentials class before they are able to perform any major duties. Then after they pass essentials taking any further classes after that, such as a rescue class or personal survival class is a very good idea I think.”

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“No. I started out as a junior firefighter in York, Nebraska and I never got hurt. As long as you are properly equipped and have the adequate training to
do a job, I believe that you should be able to do the job. I also believe, though, that it wouldn’t hurt to have a respected responsible firefighter looking over the junior firefighter’s shoulder to make sure they are doing
the task correctly. Everyone that was on the training ground when the juniors were on the ground took the training very seriously.”

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“I guess that depends what you mean by regulated. Coming from a junior firefighter program, I would say they are all unique. The program I came from allowed you to go on calls at 16 and if you obtained FF1 you could then fight fire. I know some departments don’t let you ride until 18. Should they be regulated? I don’t know but I do know that the junior firefighter program is the future of the fire service.”

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