The fact that judgments and attachments for $10,470 had been obtained against Samuel R. Bullock of No. 11 Wall street caused rumors that this well-known water-works contractor was seriously embarrassed. It was also reported that he had turned over his property to three of his largest creditors. It is now explained by his friends that the judgments and attachments were taken by consent to protect Mr. Bullock, and was a friendly matter, and that he has not suspended or made an assignment. Mr. Bullock, it is said, found that he could not carry on alone the work he might have done had money not been tight, and has turned his business over to a syndicate consisting of the First National Bank of New York, R. D. Wood & Co. of Philadelphia and W. G. Hopper & Co. of Philadelphia, who, it is reported, have lent him some $2,500,000 or $3,000,000 on water-works bonds to carry on his enterprises. This syndicate has taken the contracts, and will finish the works under Mr. Bullock’s supervision, sell the bonds and turn the surplus over to him.


Since Mr. Bullock began business in April, 1885, with $6000 capital, he has built water-works in twenty-two cities. A company was formed at each place where the water-works were constructed. All the water-works were bonded for construction, and stock was also issued. The magnitude of the operations necessitated large loans, which were obtained on the bonds as collateral. Among the water-works constructed by Mr. Bullock are the following, with the amount of bonds and stock issued ;

Sharon, Pa., bonds $100,000, stock $200,000 ; Paducah, Ky., bonds $150,000, stock $150,000; Pensacola, Fla., bonds $150,000, stock $150,000; Corry, Pa., bonds $100,000, stock $200,000; Massillon, O., bonds $200,000, stock $200,000; Vincennes, Ind., bonds, $175,000, stock $200.000; Denison, Tex., bonds $200,000, stock $200,000; Warren. O., bonds $150,000, stock $150,000; Circleville, O., bonds $150,000, stock $150,000; Wabash, Ind., bonds $130,000, stock $150,000; Greencastle, Ind., bonds $150,000, stock $150,000 ; Mobile, Ala., bonds $750,000, stock $500,000 ; Shreveport, La., bonds $250,000. stock $250,000; Vicksburg, Miss., bonds $250,000, stock $250,000; Chester, Pa., bonds $800,000, stock $1,600,000. The bonds of these water-works aggregate $3,655,000.

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