Too Hot a Case

Too Hot a Case

Smoke pouring from the pocket of Attorney General Robert P. Butler’s vest during a heated argument in the Federal Court at New Haven, Conn., on February 28, caused a hasty recess for a short while.

The Attorney General was cross-examining Herman A. Brassert of Washington, Conn., called by his lawyer one of the world’s foremost authorities on iron and steel, and had raised his arm to answer a defense objection to his line of questioning when suddenly a cloud of smoke burst forth from his left vest pocket.

While other lawyers in the courtroom rushed to Mr. Butler’s aid, he beat his chest to put out the smoke, and pulled out of his pocket a piece of metal, and some paper that had apparently caught fire from matches.

“Too hot a case, Butler,” roared his colleagues.

Judge Carroll C. Hincks, looking down from his bench upon the uproar, solemnly said, “It is time for the court to recess.”

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