Topics Assigned for Fire Chiefs’ Convention

Topics Assigned for Fire Chiefs’ Convention

List of Convention Committees Appointed by President, and Regulations for Transportation to and from Convention—New Members

PLANS are going forward smoothly and satisfactorily for the arrangements for the convention of the International Association of Fire Engineers which takes place at Richmond, Va., October 23 to 26, according to advices received from the secretary of the association, Chief James J. Mulcahey, of the Yonkers, N. Y., fire department. Chief Mulcahey has heard from Chief H. E. Nissen, chairman of the committee of exhibits that all exhibit spaces, except ten of the smaller ones, have been taken.

Topics Assigned By the President

The topics to be treated at the convention, which have been accepted and assigned by President Charles W. Ringer, of the association, are as follows:

“Garages with Sleeping Quarters Overhead” to Sherwood Brockwell, State Fire Marshal’s Department, Raleigh, N. C. and to Chief John McNarrey, Kansas City, Kan.

“Automatic Sprinklers” to I. G. Hoagland, Secretary National Automatic Sprinkler Association, 80 Maiden Lane, New York, N. Y.

“Arson” to John G. Gamber, State Fire Marshal, Springfield, Ill.

field, Ill. “The Advantages of the Use of 1 1/2-Inch Hose” to Chief Howard L. Stanton, Norwioh, Conn., and to Chief Samuel H. Short, of the city of Oakland, Cal.

“Friction Loss In Hose” to Edward A. Barrier, Assistant Chief Engineer, Inspection Department, Associated Factory Mutual Fire Insurance Companies, Boston, Mass.

Convention Committee Appointed

The list of committees as appointed by President Ringer to act during the convention is as follows:


Chief H. E. Nissen, chairman, Winston Salem, N. C.

Chief T. R. Murphy, San Francisco, Cal.

Chief Ray Tiller, Waterloo, la.

Chief Daniel E. Johnson, Bridgeport, Conn.

Chief Geo. P. McGillan, Appleton, Wis.

Chief Wm. Nill, Hammond, Ind.

Chief John Espey, Elmira, N. Y.

Chief C. Iverson, Mohall, N. D.

Geo. W. Booth (N. B. F. U.), New York, N. Y.

Memorial Resolutions

Chief R. J. Niles, chairman, St. Paul, Minn.

Ex-Chief A. B. Ten Eyck, Hamilton, Ont.

Ex-Chief R. J. Goetz, San Antonio, Tex.

Chief M. A. Sloan, Sioux Falls, S. D.

Chief Geo. F. Dansbury, Gross Point Farms, Mich.

Chief P. L. Warlick, Jackson, Tenn.

On Courtesies

Chief John F. Healy, chairman, Denver, Colo.

Chief John W. Wray, El Paso, Tex.

Chief John O. Taber, Boston, Mass.

Chief James Armstrong, Kingston, Ont.

Chief Jos. Randall, Duluth, Minn.

Chief Floyd Ross, Wilkinsburg, Pa.

Chief John M. Evans, New Orleans, La.

On Credentials

Chief Jos. H. Speddy, chiarman, Lakewood, O.

Chief Frank Bennett, Durham, N. C.

Chief A. Nuenschwander, Lousville, Ky.

Chief Frank Hochreiter, Wilkes Barre, Pa.

Chief C. L. Nickerson, Wildwood, N. J.

Chief Almus D. Butler, Portland, Me.

On State Vice-Presidents

Chief T. A. Clancy, chairman, Milwaukee, VVis.

Chief S. H. Short, Oakland, Cal.

Chief W. L. Sandidge, Lynchburg, Va.

Chief Geo. A. Wallace, Cleveland, O.

Chief John Mack, Glens Falls, N. Y.

Chief John L. Gilday, Hoboken, N. J.

Transportation Arrangements To and From Convention

The following are the arrangements as regards the transportation to the convention at Richmond, Va., according to Chief Mulcahey. The plan of transportation and reduced fare has been changed from that of identification to the straight certificate plan, which was the same as in force at the Atlanta, Ga., convention in 1921.

Certificate Plan Regulations

Subject to the filing of the application in prescribed form, and the completion of necessary details, reduced fares on the Certificate Plan will be authorized under the following conditions:

Fare—For delegates and members attending meetings and dependent members of their families, who have paid normal one-way tariff fares of sixty-seven (67) cents or more on going trip, via routes over which one-way tickets are regularly sold, will be ticketed to their starting points by route traversed In going to the meeting, at one-half the normal one-way fare from the place of meeting to original starting point, provided there have been in attendance not less than two hundred and (250) persons holding certificates of the standard form.

Identification—The reduced fare for the return journey will not apply unless holder of certificate is properly identified, as provided by the certificate.

Issuance and Honoring of Certificates—Certificates which show the purchase of tickets not earlier than three (3) days prior to the date announced as the opening date of meeting, or which show the purchase of tickets during the first three (3) days of the meeting, when validated by Special Agent, will be honored for a return ticket at one-half of the normal oneway fare, if presented not later than three (3) days after the date announced as the closing date of the meeting: Sunday not to be counted as a day in any case. Certificates, however, will not be honored when issued in connection with tickets sold to persons who reach a meeting after the last date arranged for attendance of the Special Agent.

When a meeting is held at a distant point to which regular transit limit exceeds three days, certificates will be honored if procured within number of days transit limit prescribed in one-way tariff applicable from place of meeting to station at which certificate was procured.

Return tickets issued at the reduced fare will not be good on any limited train on which such reduced fare transportation is not honored. ,

Transit limits and Stop-Overs—Return tickets will be subject to the same transit limits and stop-over regulations as apply on regular one-way tickets.

Meetings Covering Extended Periods—When a meeting extends over a long period of time special consideration will be given to the authorization of selling dates to meet the requirements.

Issuance of Two Certificates—If two certificates are issued on account of the going trip, they will be vised for purchase of reduced fare return ticket, provided the necessity for the issuance of two certificates Is apparent.

Refund Claims—Refund of fare will be made because of failure to obtain proper certificates. If the holders of certificates purchase full fare tickets, and return before the requisite number of certificates are in the hands of the special agent, refund will not be made.

Transportation Excluded—No certificate issued In connection with a child’s half-fare ticket, or a clergy, charity or employee s ticket or any other form of transportation sold at less than the normal one-way adult fare, will he honored for reduced fare returning, nor included in computing the number in attendance.

Facing Tickets “Convention”—The word “Convention will be stamped or written across the face of contracts and each coupon of all tickets sold for the return of persons attending meetings for which reduced fares are authorized on the certificate plan.

Filing Applications—Applications must be filed and arrangements completed l>y applicant not later than twenty-one (21) days prior to the opening of the meeting.

Advertising—The carriers will not advertise convention fares, make announcements thereof in the folders or otherwise, nor participate in any advertising expense such as itineraries or other form of publication.

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Under this plan, one and one-half rate is authorized by the following passenger associations: Southeastern Passenger

Association, Southwestern Passenger Association. Central Passenger Association. Trunk Line Passenger Association, Trans-Continental Passenger Association, Western Passenger Association.

Going dates of sale on tickets, and territory: Southeastern

Association, Southwestern Association. Central Association and Trunk Line Association. October 19-25, inclusive; validate October 26-27; final honoring date, October 31.

Trans-Continental and Western Association, from Illinois, Iowa, Kansas. Minnesota. Missouri, Nebraska, Nor. Michigan, Nor. Dakota, So. Dakota, Wisconsin, and from Julesburg, Colo., October 19-25, inclusive.

From Colorado (except Julesburg), Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming, October 18-24, inclusive.

From Arizona, British Columbia, California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, October 17-23, inclusive; validate October 26-27; final honoring date, October 31.

New Members of the Association

The following are new active and associated members of the association;


L. B. Hill, chief fire department, Bessemer, Ala.

Fred Sahle, chief fire department, Fredonia, N. Y.

Walter B. Caffrey, chief fire department, North Pelham, N. Y.

Robt. Henderson, chief fire department, Albuquerque, N. M.

T. J. Gough, chief fire department, Conneaut, Ohio.

Geo. T. Martin, chief fire department, Bethlehem, Pa.

Walter S. Blanton, chief fire department, Savannah, Ga.


John L. Hatchell, Lieut, fire department, Yonkers, N. Y.

Dr. Florence B. Myers, Minneapolis, Minn.

National Institute of Public Administration, New York City. Geo. R. Stephens, Pres. Buffalo Fire Appliance Corporation, Buffalo, N. Y.

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