Tourists’ Water Supply Safeguarded

Tourists’ Water Supply Safeguarded

Sponsored and agitated for by the American Automobile Association, the United States public health service and the various state health organizations have erected signs at the various drinking places along the public highways notifying the traveling public of safe water supplies.

The business of motor touring has assumed such tremendous proportions that the safeguarding of the health of the motorist as regards water supplies at his convenience and sanitary campsites is a big national problem. Several of the larger A. A. A. clubs including the Ohio State Automobile Association and the Pennsylvania Motor Federation are cooperating with the state health departments in erecting signs along the main highways in the vicinity of water that has been approved.

In this connection Thomas P. Henry, president of the automobile association said, “We are virtually a nation on wheels. Close to twelve million motor tourists will take to the road this season. About one-third of this number will be making their first venture. This group needs protection against contaminated water and unsanitary camps to a much greater degree than the veteran tourist.

“How necessary the examination of water supplies used by wayfarers is may be seen front a report from one county, namely, Franklin county, Ohio. One hundred and fifty-three water supplies in this county were examined. Thirty-eight or twenty-five per cent were found to be satisfactory. Ninety-eight or sixtyfour per cent were found to have defects which could easily be corrected so as to make these supplies satisfactory and seventeen or eleven per cent were found to be of such a nature as to make their abandonment necessary.

“Particular attention will be paid to roadside wells on the main through highways. Throughout the touring season it is intended that periodic examination of water supplies will be made by health officials and only with their sanction will signs be erected or removed. We are assured now that many of our clubs arc prepared to stand the cost of erecting the signs at the source of supply, just as a great many of them are cooperating with state highway departments in putting up signs at danger points on the road.

“One of the big problems at the present is the small private tourist camp, that is, the camp that is not under public auspices but is set up by private individuals for the purpose of selling something to tourists. Some of these are run by farmers in places where the only source of water supply is a small stream located close by. The need of close supervisionof these private touring camps, dozens of which are springing up over night, appears to me to be very urgent.”

Wichita. Kans., Seeking Supply—The chamber of commerce of Wichita., Kans., are campaigning for an adequate supply of soft water. An appropriation of more than one million dollars for this improvement was defeated at the last election.

Uvalde, Tex., to be Metered—A carload of water meters has been received by the Uvalde Water Works Company and all the services in the city will be metered. Since the installation of water works, the city has been on a flat water rate.

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