Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules

The question of rules to govern tournaments in fire departments is one which deserves attention. Comparison of the results attained during these contests can only be made with results of other department contests when the tournaments are held under he same rules.

Tournament rules as employed by fire department associations vary considerably.

The following set of regulations employed by the Colorado State Firemen’s Association is a particularly fine set and well bears copying.

It may be added here that the Colorado State Firemens Association have set several records, some of which have been world records, for speed.

The Colorado State Firemen’s Association Tournament Rules are as follows:

General Tournament Rules.

  1. The tournament shall be held under the auspices of the Colorado State Firemen’s Association, but the preparation of the same shall be given to the firemen and citizens of the place at which it is held, they to conform to the rules and regulations of the State Association.
  2. The Executive Board of the Association, made up of its elective officers, have full control of the tournament.
  3. Before the closing of each annual meeting, the Executive Board shall appoint a committee of five from their own number to be known as the Tournament Committee, who will, in conjunction with the firemen and citizens of the place at which it is held, supervise the preparation and make all necessary arrangements as are not provided for in these rules and regulations, with full control and management of the tournament.
  4. On the first day of tournament, the Executive Board of the Association shall select five judges, who shall constitute a committee of judges and award prizes and to carry out and supervise all competitive events as prescribed and provided for by the Tournament Committee. Three timekeepers shall be selected. If the watches of the timekeepers do not agree, they shall take the two nearest together and divide by two to the fifth of a second, and this shall be the official time, and no member of these committees shall act as timekeeper or judge of any event in which he is interested.
  5. On the first day of tournament, the Executive Board shall appoint a committee of three from their own number to constitute a committee to receive and act upon affidavits, protests and appeals, and their decisions shall be final. Upon receipt of complaint, written notice of same will be served upon the company or individual member against which complaint is made.
  6. Companies shall have the right of appeal from the decision of the judges to the Executive Board Committee.
  7. All protests against companies or individual members must be made prior to their taking part in the tournament events. Written notice must also be served upon the company or individual member against which protest is made by the Executive Board Committee.
  8. The judges must report their decisions to the Executive Board Committee and if there are no protests or appeals pending, the prizes and championship shall be awarded by the judges of award in tournament assembled.
  9. The state championship prizes shall be the property of the State Association, subject to their call and control, but will be held in possession of the champion companies until the next tournament.
  10. Any company winning any of the championship prizes three years shall hold the same forever, and the Association shall procure similar duplicates of state prizes so taken.
  11. At no other time than the annual state tournament shall the championship prizes be contended for.
  12. The term “service hose” used in tournament rules shall be construed to mean hose weighing not less than forty (40) pounds of cotton rubber lined, to fifty (50) foot section, and must have couplings each fifty feet: first section on cart to be exempt from male coupling, and measuring fifty feet.
  13. All competing teams must take part in the parade (running suit optional), unless excused by the Executive Board. Line of march shall not exceed one mile. Place of starting and disbanding to be given the Executive Board before parade shall commence.
  14. All work to be done by hand only. Unproportional coupling or any attachment to assist in breaking barred.
  15. Running harness allowed.
  16. No uniform or running suit other than a regulation track suit will be allowed. Any person or team violating this rule will be barred from that event.
  17. Any person known to be a professional foot racer as defined under the A. A. U. rules shall not be permitted in the championship 100and 200-yard dashes.
  18. Any company attempting to win the prize by fraud, deception, foul play or in any dishonorable manner, or disobey, or infringe upon or invade any of the rules and regulations, will be subject to suspension from participation in that contest.
  19. Any individual member of the Association who shall use profane or abusive language upon the track during the tournament shall be debarred from the track.
  20. All entries must be in the hands of the Secretary of the Association thirty days before day of tournament, accompanied by a forfeit deposit of fifty dollars as a declartion of good faith. Said fifty dollars will be returned on team participating.
  21. The Tournament Committee will specify the apparatus to be used, which shall be equipped as stated in the contest rules, but no unusual appliances of any kind will be permitted.
  22. Captains or foremen of each team participating in the tournament will furnish the Secretary of the Association with a written roster of their respective teams at 9 o’clock a. m., on first day of tournament, accompanied by a certificate from the chief of department and certified to by the mayor or chief executive of the city or town to which the team belongs, showing a membership of at least sixty days in the department and a continuous residence of six months in the city or town previous to the tournament. At which time the team captains or managers will draw for place. Secretary of committee will draw number for any team not present at time of drawing.
  23. In case of a tie between two or more teams or individuals for first, second or third prize, the teams or individuals making the time shall repeat the test in the order in which they started from the score, to decide which team or individual (if two are tied for first prize) is entitled to first and second prize. Or if three teams or individuals are tied for second prize, the run-off shall decide which team or individual is entitled to the second and third prize, and the third team or individual fourth. In case ot a tie for third prize, they shall repeat the test as stated, to decide which team or individual is entitled to the third prize. Teams which are a tie in any test may divide the purse or purses if they so elect:
  24. The rule of precedence shall govern in case of a second tie in the run-off for a prize, or in case of a tie for the championship trophy when unable to agree or run off the tie.
  25. Only department members of the Colorado State Firemen’s Association to compete for any prize.
  26. All teams starts will be made with an automatic signal.
  27. The rules of each tournament shall not be changed after official publication, and the Judges of Award are charged with their interpretation.

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The Volunteer Fire Department

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Rules for Hose Race.


  1. Each team shall consist of not more than eleven members, including the officer in charge, all of whom shall start from the score with wheels of apparatus resting on score. The score shall be kept free from obstructions of any kind.
  2. The reel shall carry 250 feet of service hose, reeled on cart or jumper in one continuous line. The coupling intended for pipe may be made “catch” so as to be broken by hand or with spanner.
  3. At the proper starting signal, the team shall run 400 feet tohydrant, make connection, reel off 200 feet of hose, break coupling and attach pipe. Time to be called when water issues through nozzle. Hydrant connection and pipe to remain connected until water is ordered turned off by the judges.
  4. Plugman shall attach to hydrant, assisted by one man. if the company so elect, but the pipe must he carried from the starting point either on jumper or bv pipeman. The hydrant shall be placed on the left of the track.
  5. The officer in charge of the team may assist in any part of the test, but must start with the team.
  6. The water works shall furnish fire pressure during the tests, and the cap of the hydrant to be used shall remain off. The hydrant wrench shall be in place on the hydrant before each team starts, and the pressure up to the least amount specified by the judges of award.
  7. A mark across the track shall be placed fifty feet from the hydrant, and when this mark is reached, and not before, the plugman and his assistant may commence to unreel for the plug connection.

Rules for Hook and Ladder Race.

  1. F.ach team shall consist of not more than fifteen members, including officer in charge, all of whom shall start from the score, with hind wheels of apparatus resting on line.
  2. Trucks must be in same condition as when ready for ladder practice.
  3. Team will run 500 feet, raise a 24-foot ladder, and man ascend to top; man to start from the ground at the foot of the ladder: time to be called as soon as he grasps (not merely touches) the top rung with either hand.

Championship Foot Race, 100 Yards.— Open to all departments complying with the A. A. U. rules. One entry to department.

Ladder-Climbing Contest.— One entry to department. Regulation 24-foot ladder to lay flat upon the ground, parallel with the track. Four men (two footers and two raisers) allowed toassist; two men to stand on each side of ladder, to raise ladder when signal is given, to an angle of not less than 45 degrees. Climber to run fifty feet to ladder; to start not higher than the third round. Time measured from start until top round is grasped (not merely touched) with either hand.

Speed Race for Teams.—Open to all departments, one entry todepartment. The run shall be 600 feet; time to be measured from drop of signal until wheels of apparatus cross the mark. Each team limited to eleven men, including officer in charge; hose cart to carry 250 feet of hose.

Hose Coupling Contest.—Open to all departments, one entry to department. Each contestant shall run fifty feet, break coupling three or more full turns, put on pipe three full turns and drop to ground. Time to be measured from start until pipe hits ground. Pipe to be carried from start. Each contestant may furnish his own regulation equipment, and it will be permitted for couplings and pipe to be worked down.

Championship Foot Race. 200 Yards.—Open to all departments complying with the A. A. U. rules, one entry to department.

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