Town Has Efficient Fire Department

Town Has Efficient Fire Department

Lakewood, New York, is located on Chautauqua Lake, four miles from the City of Jamestown. The Village is primarily , residential and the latest census shows a population of 2,944.

The Lakewood Fire Department is in charge of Chief William R. Vincent and consists of two companies; the Lakewood Chemical Co., Inc., and the Lakewood Hose Co. No. 1, Inc., together totalling an active membership of 90 volunteers. There are two assistant chiefs of the Department, and a captain and lieutenant of each company, all elected by the members annually.

The equipment consists of three pieces of apparatus and a rescue boat. Engine No. 1 is a 500 gpm triple combination pumper, purchased in 1946. It carries 400 feet of 11/2-inch hose, 200 feet of which are always hooked directly to the pump; a 350-gallon booster tank and 200 feet of 1-inch booster hose along with miscellaneous equipment. This engine was partially rebuilt by the firemen and is used to control a fire, if not extinguish it, until heavier lines are laid or more water is brought in by successively responding apparatus.

Engine No. 2 is a 500 gpm triple combination pumper, delivered in 1947. It carries 1,000 feet of 254-inch hose; 200 feet of l1/2-inch hose hooked directly to the pump; a 400-gallon booster tank; a 35 foot, 3 section, aluminum ladder; 150 feet of 3/4-booster hose; a 1500 watt portable lighting outfit and other equipment.

No. 3 is a 500 gpm semi-quadruple combination pumper, delivered in 1926. It carries 1,000 feet of 21/2-inch hose, 115 feet of ladders, an 80-gallon booster tank and 200 feet of 3/4-inch booster hose as well as miscellaneous equipment.

Engines No. 1 and 3 were purchased from company funds and were no burden to the taxpayers. However, Engine No. 2 was purchased and the new fire station built this past year at a cost of $60,000 to the village taxpayers.

Through donations and the profits from social functions, the Fire Department purchased and equipped for rescue work a 28 foot speed boat powered by a 150 h.p. marine engine. This equipment is kept in a lakeside boat house that was built with Department funds last year. The boat house has a 32 foot slip, chain hoists to remove the boat from the water for winter storage and a first aid room. Calls for rescue work are answered anywhere on the 21-mile lake.

A general alarm 5 h.p. siren on top of the fire station and two 1 h.p. sirens located at the East and West ends of the Village serve as the alarm system. The large siren operates automatically whenever the number 888 is dialed on the Lakewood telephone exchange. The station phone is then answered to receive the location of the fire or rescue call.

Lakewood, N. Y„ with Population of 2,944, Has a Very Effective Fire Department. Here's the Apparatus Lined Up in Front of New Fire Station

The Fire Department not only protects the Village of Lakewood but serves a large rural fire district as well. The Village maintains a good hydrant system, but for fires occurring in the rural district, the Fire Department usually depends upon its booster tanks. For this reason both Engines No. 1 and 2 answer all rural alarms, and if the fire is serious, mutual assistance from nearby fire departments is freely and quickly given. In less than fifteen minutes, 2,000 gallons of water can fie brought to tfie rural fire and then shuttle service is established to insure a continuous supply of water through two 11/2-inch lines.

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