Tractor Manufacturer Building Fire Apparatus

Tractor Manufacturer Building Fire Apparatus

J. E. Tracy

The motor driven fire-fighting apparatus which has heretofore been manufactured by the South Bend Motor Company at South Bend, Ind., is now being manufactured and distrbuted by the Hicks – Parrett Tractor Company of that city.

This angle of the business will be worked intensively. Plans are nowbeing developed for motor fire truck production on a large scale and the efforts of the company along this line will be on the heavy dutytype. The Hicks-Parrett Tractor Company will continue to manufacture the Parrett tractors, of which more than 4,000 are now being successfully operated in this country in addition to the distribution already attained in twenty-nine foreign countries.

J. E. Tracy, who has been for the past four years general sales manager of the Sterling Motor Truck Company of Milwaukee, Wis., became actively connected with the Hicks-Parrett T ractor Company on April 1 in the capacity of vice-president and director of sales. With the Sterling Company Mr. Tracy had entire charge of their United States, Canada and foreign business and during his four years of activity with this concern placed their product, which is a heavy duty type truck, well up with the leaders.

The Hicks-Parrett Truck Company is headed by Vincent Bendix, who is well known in the automotive industry as the inventor of the Bendix Drive for self-starters. The directors of the company include Mr. Bendix and the following: George A. Gibson, vice-president and general manager. John K. Tracy, vice-president and director of sales; R. P. Hicks, consulting engineer; Herbert L. Scharlach, treasurer; Robert Barbour, president of the Barbour Flax Spinning Company; Henry A. Rudkin, of McClure, Jones & Reed, Bankers, New York; B. A. Tompkins, vice-president, Bankers Trust Company, New York; and Warren Barbour, president of the Linen Thread Company of America, New York.

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