■ STUDENT REVIEW MANUAL: EXERCISES FOR THE EMT-A AND EMT-I, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). Manual (378 pages) correlated to AAOS’s training text Emergency and Transportation of the Sick and Injured (the “Orange Book”). Contains exercises, including 1,000 multiplechoice questions, and case studies with review questions. Exercises similar to those on the National Registry exam and other certification tests.

■ FIGHTING FIRE WITH FIBER, a five-minute video from Lenzing Fibers, illustrates the performance of the company’s P84’based Reliant® fabric in a 2.000° flashover test and presents the results of independent tests of the fabric. Contact: Lenzing Fibers at (508)478-2414.

■ THE FACTORS AFFECTING CENTRIFUGAL PUMP VIBRATION technical paper from the Hydraulic Institute discusses in detail the potential causes of vibration and remedial actions, l or a free copy of the paper, extracted from the Institute’s 1994 Pump Standards, 15th ed. (available September 1994), contact the Hydraulic Institute; 9 Sylvan Way, Suite 180; Parsippany, NJ 07054-3802; (201) 267-7772.

■ HAZMED”* II, THE EMS/HAZMAT RESPONDER 30-minute training video for EM I’s, paramedics. fire service personnel, haz-mat team members, industrial response teams, and fire brigade members addresses issues such as recognizing and responding to a haz-mat incident, medically treating and decontaminating a patient, and medically supporting a haz-mat team. Contact: RMC Medical; 3021 Darnell Road; Philadelphia, PA 19154-3294; (215) 824-4100, fax: (215) 824-1371.

■ ERGONOMIC TRAINING PROGRAMS, eight worker safety and ergonomic training videos from Ergodyne. cover topics ranging from maintaining a healthy back to cumulative trauma disorders to ergonomic task analyses. For additional information, call (800) 2258238. ext. 49.

■ CONFINED SPACE ENTRY, a three-part video series from Summit Training Source, Inc.™, facilitates compliance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146. Permit-Required Confined Space for General Industry. Free program with demo tape. Contact: Valley Videos, Inc.; P.O. Box 379; Marne, MI 49435-0379; (8(H)) 448-5889.

■ LUBRICATION UPDATE, DRIVER INFORMATION: ANTILOCK BRAKING SYSTEM (ABS). and TRAILER PRODUCTS FEATURES & BENEFITS are recent additions to Rockwell International’s Video Training Library, comprising 20 videos. Videos may be purchased as a package or individually. List of videos is available (request SP-94153). Contact: Rockwell Automotive, Literature Distribution: 35000 Industrial Road: Livonia, MI 48150; (800) 535-5560.

■ A POCKET GUIDE TO ACCELERANT EVIDENCE COLLECTION, published by the Massachusetts Chapter of the International Association of Arson Investigators, can assist fire scene investigators in recognizing and collecting accelerant residue evidence in a consistent manner, permitting optimum laboratory analysis results. Contact: Massachusetts Chapter IAAI; Godfried Plaza, Suite 218; 184 B Broadway; Saugus, MA 01906-1029.

■ FAIR LABOR STANDARDS ACT RESOURCE GUIDE, available from the International Association of Fire Chiefs, traces the evolution of the Act as it relates to fire service compliance and presents information that can help departments ensure they are in compliance with the law. Contact: Nancy Matthes, IAFC. 4025 Fair Ridge Dr.; Fairfax, VA 22033-2868; (703) 273-0911. ext. 332.

■ VIRGINIA OPERATIONAL MEDICAL DIRECTOR (0MD) NOTEBOOK, a 300-page draft published by the Virginia Department of Health and available from the International Association of Fire Chiefs, offers medical directors and EMS agency managers guidance on all aspects of an emergency medical system. Among topics covered are patient care protocols, BLS and ALS training, quality-assurance programs, licensure and certification processes, and disaster management. For additional information, call (703) 273-9815, ext. 332.


Having trouble finding a past article? Not sure of the author, the title, or the issue in which it appeared? The National Emergency Training Center’s Learning Resource Center (LRC) in Emmitsburg, Mary land, can help. The LRC has a data base of articles that have appeared in the various fire service journals. You can obtain a printout of article titles by topic on request. For more information, call the LRC at 1800-638-1821.




North Safety Equipment has available a training video, IMMEDIATELY DANGEROUS TO LIFE OR HEALTH, designed to educate the end-user of the company’s 800 Series™ self-contained breathing apparatus. The video is narrated by a North Safety Equipment spokesperson who explains, in layperson’s terms, the operation and features of both SCBA and supplied-air respirators.

A two-hour video training program, APPROACH TO PEDIATRIC PATIENTS ($148), details methods of communicating with pediatric patients and distraught family members. The video itself is 35 minutes long; the package includes an instructor’s manual to aid the instructor in developing a classroom training program. Contact: Lockert-Jackson and Associates, Inc.; P.O. Box 11380; Bainbridge Island, WA 98110-5380; (800) 327-3841.

A three-part training package Irom Media Resources, Inc., BL00DB0RNE PATHOGENS ($695.95), includes a computer-based section, which allows a student to navigate through an interactive Windows environment; a 36-minute videotape; and an exposure-control plan manual that includes vaccination cleanup and exposure procedures, a glossary of terms, a copy of the standard, and appropriate forms. Contact: Media Resources, Inc.; 2614 Fort Vancouver Way; Vancouver, WA 98661-3997; (206) 693-3344.

B The Volunteer Committee of the International Association of Fire Chiefs has developed the FIRE CHIEF’S SOURCEBOOK ($ I 19), a selfhelp guide for volunteer fire service leaders. It contains samples of SOPs, recruitment and retention materials, and training guidelines from volunteer fire departments throughout the U.S.; a bibliography; and addresses of the fire departments represented. Contact: Nancy Matthes; IAFC; 4025 Fair Ridge Dr.; Fairfax, VA 22033-2868; (703) 273-0911, ext. 3.32.

B The 226-page book PROFESSIONAL WORKERS AS LEARNERS: THE SCOPE, PROBLEMS, AND ACCOUNTABILITY OF CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION IN THE 1990s, is now available for $14 a copy from the U.S. Government Printing Office. It contains essays about continuing education for professionals. Contact: Superintendent of Documents; P.O. Box 371954; Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954. Indicate stock number 065-000-00531-0.

B TB INFECTION-CONTROL PLAN AND RESPIRATORY PROTECTION PROGRAM from Holdsworth & Associates, Inc., includes medical screening requirements, reporting and record-keeping forms, complete training lesson plans, presentation notes, and overhead transparencies. Videos, do-it-yourself compliance manuals, and training materials for other standards also are available. Contact: Holdsworth & Associates, Inc.; (8(H)) 437-8347.

B The National Fire Sprinkler Association, Inc., offers a 35-minute video, THE VALUE OF SPRINKLERS ($29 95), designed to dispel myths associated with automatic sprinkler operation, demonstrate actual fire control through sprinklers, and review unsuccessful attempts to extinguish fires in high-rises. Contact: NFSA’s Resource Center; P.O. Box 1000; Patterson, NY 12563; (914) 878-4200; fax (914)878-4215.


The National Emergency Training Center’s (NETC’s) Learning Resource Center (I.RC) in Emmitsburg, Maryland, routinely supplies answers to questions regarding fire/emergency services and information to students and fire/emergency services personnel. The NETC’s reference service will provide the addresses and telephone numbers of organizations, publications’ sources and prices, and literature searches/bibliographies in response to more detailed inquiries. Over the past few years, the LRC has expanded its services to include a toll-free number [(8(H)) 638-1821); the Emergency Management Information Center (EMIC), a collection of case studies on major natural and technological disasters; and the Arson Resource Center (ARC), a reference service for individuals with questions pertaining to arson.