Training School Held at Tarrytown

Training School Held at Tarrytown

A training school for the volunteer firemen of the Tarrytown, N. Y., Fire Department, was held for the fifth year.

At the school, which recently ended, Capt. Edward Sillers, of the Yonkers Fire Department, lectured on the care of hose, ventilation, and oil fires. There were talks on “Fire Alarm Telegraph Systems,” by Raymond McLaughlin; “Salvage,” by Capt. Wm. Paul Babock, Nyack; “Science,” by Edward Flickinger, Tarrytown; “Tarrytown Water System,”’ by James R. Losee, Superintendent, Tarrytown water system; “Fire Hydrants,” by Albert Pleibe, R. D. Wood Company. Harold Seagrave, Mine Safety Appliance Company, lectured on gas and masks and staged a drill.

John O’Mara spoke on oil fires and projected motion pictures. W. E. Feller, of the Westchester Lighting Company, lectured on “Playing Streams on Electric Wires, and hires Near Gas Containers.”

At the closing session, several reels of talking pictures were shown, and this was followed by a social hour. Nearly sixty local firemen enrolled and fourteen men from a nearby department. Russell J. Taxter is Chief of the Tarrytown Fire Department.

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