Quarterly School in Oklahoma City Attended by 33 Cities—First Volume of “The Essentials of Firemanship” Published

THE first quarterly school for departmental instructors of the Oklahoma Firemen’s Training School was held in Oklahoma City, April 20, 21 and 22. A total of thirty-three cities were represented. While this school was intended for instructors of the individual cities only, other members of the Fire Department were privileged to attend. Besides the regularly appointed instructor or drillmaster, several Chiefs and others attended the meeting, making a total of fifty.

The first volume of “The Essentials of Firemanship,” just off the press, was used as a guide for the instruction. A portion of the time was devoted to teacher training under the direction of Prof. Charles W. Briles of A. & M. College.

The general purpose of the quarterly school is to train and instruct the several local drill masters in the work which they are supposed to give to their own department also to determine about how much can be done under practical conditions in each two-hour period to be devoted to instruction and drill.

Immediately following the close of this session, lesson outlines were prepared for the assistance of each instructor in instituting a drill school in his department. These outlines assign a definite number of pages in the text book for study and contain many valuable hints for developing the pertinent points to be brought out from the text book instruction. The results obtained at the school were quite gratifying, as the goal for the first year had been set at thirty cities. This enrollment was exceeded by three.

In these thirty-three cities there are 919 firemen representing a total population of 624,554. This is an average population of 18,925 per city. The smallest city enrolled has a population of 2,100 while the largest city has a population of 182,000. This means that each of the 919 firemen will receive a total of 100 hours instruction annually until the completion of the full course of instruction.

The first volume of “The Essentials of Firemanship” is but one of a series of ten that will be required to cover the course of instruction as outlined. It is hoped that succeeding volumes can be compiled and published about every three months.

While the Oklahoma Firemen’s Training School is directly under the supervision of the Oklahoma State Firemen’s Association it is sponsored by Oklahoma University, Oklahoma A. & M. College, The Oklahoma Municipal League and The State Board of Education. A budget for the administrative expenses of the school is derived from tuition fees from the individual cities. Oklahoma University, through its extension department, has also made a substantial contribution, and the text books are being printed by The State Board of Education. They have provided only the number of books that would be required in Oklahoma; however, while on the press, arrangements were made for the publication of 500 extra copies which will be available for out of state distribution. A reasonable charge will be made for a copy of this work, if desired by others outside the state. Full particulars can be obtained by writing J. E. Taplin, Director of the School, Blackwell, Oklahoma.

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