Truck for Flammable Spills, Environmental Protection

Truck for Flammable Spills, Environmental Protection

A truck for handling flammable spills and fires is the newest addition to the Bristol, Conn., Fire Department. It is an Army surplus 10-wheel, 6-ton cargo carrier with four-wheel drive that cost the department nothing except for a little money spent on repainting the vehicle and reupholstering the cab seat.

The truck also can handle spills of other materials in the highly industrialized Connecticut city to assist in environmental protection and carries portable pumps for dewatering operations.

“In the few months we have had this truck,” said Chief Anthony D. Basile, “it has responded to more than 70 incidents, including fires.”

A deck gun is mounted behind the cab so that a master stream can be quickly put in position.

For environmental protection, the carries two yards of sand in two boxes, 20 hags of absorbent material, 30 gallons of 3 percent protein foam concentrate, 30 gallons of high expansion foam concentrate, 400 feet of 2 1/2 -inch hose, 400 feet of 1 1/2 -inch hose, pike poles, axes and fire extinguishers, including a 30-pound CO2 extinguisher. A 10,000-pound winch mounted on the front of the truck has 200 feet of wire rope on the drum.

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