True North Introduces New Hybrid MOLLE Attachment System

True North, the makers of bags, backpacks and fire resistant clothing, is introducing the new MOLLE pouch attachment feature on the waist-belts of their NFPA-certified load-bearing equipment: Spyder Gear, Fireball, and Fireflypacks.

MOLLE, which stands for MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, is a newer system first used for tactical gear. It uses rows of heavy-duty nylon PALS webbing to allow attachment of compatible pouches and accessories. PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) consists of webbing sewn onto the load-bearing equipment, corresponding webbing and straps on the attachment, then the straps are interwoven. The design offers advantages, especially for heavy items like the fire shelter, by keeping the accessories security close to the belt.  

After an extensive design process True North came up with a hybrid attachment system which allows for true MOLLE attachment while also being backward compatible with the ALICE system so firefighters can continue to use their existing pouches until they want to upgrade to MOLLE.

Previously True North packs were available with ALICE clip compatible attachment systems only since this was and is the most widely used attachment system. The disadvantage of standard MOLLE systems is that it isn’t compatible with the ALICE system so old pouches would have to be replaced.

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