Truro Presented with Ambulance

Truro Presented with Ambulance

Mrs. Richard A. Magee, wife of Chief Magee, Truro, Mass., presented the community with a department ambulance

which will serve the three communities of Truro, Wellflect and Provincetown.

The ambulance has a wheel hospital stretcher and two collapsing stretchers.

Ambulance Presented to Truro Fire DepartmentShowing Stretcher and Equipment in Use

There is space in the car for three patients.

The unit is provided with hot and cold running water, a heating system, an electric fan, and a compact cabinet, which holds surgical and medical appliances. An upholstered folding seat is provided for the doctor or first aid worker. In one corner of the car is a Davis inhalator.

Two men will answer accident calls. Members of the Fire Department are now taking courses in first aid, and the drivers will have to pass exacting test3 before they will be permitted to drive the ambulance.

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