Tucson F.D. Gets 11,000-Foot Shop, Supply Facility in New City Complex

Tucson F.D. Gets 11,000-Foot Shop, Supply Facility in New City Complex

Four bays in new Tucson municipal service center are assigned to fire department for apparatus maintenance.Two bays in 5000-square-foot shop area have three-point hydraulic lifts that can handle the largest apparatus.Welding area has metal screens and other safeguards to maintain safe working conditions in the shop area of new facility.Ladder truck is parked over 60-foot grease pit that is in one of the maintenance bays. Overhead system supplies lubricants.

An apparatus maintenance and supply facility has recently been built for the Tucson Fire Department within a $16 million municipal service center on a 68-acre site. The new fire department facility covers 11,000 square feet and replaces an open air location where the department’s 32 apparatus used to be serviced.

Four maintenance bays are in the 5000 square feet devoted to apparatus maintenance. Two of these bays have 54,000-pound, three-point hydraulic lifts and one bay has a 60-f(X)t grease pit. All lubricants are supplied by overhead systems, and water and air outlets are strategically located through the area. ‘There is also an overhead exhaust system with flex tubing that connects to apparatus tail pipes.

A shop area contains a lathe, a drill press, a hydraulic press, welding facilities and other equipment for making parts and remodeling and repairing apparatus and equipment.

A separate 30(X)-square-foot structure within the service center complex provides storage room for reserve apparatus and vehicles awaiting maintenance. There also is room here for the storage and repair of hose.

The supply area also covers 3000 square feet. In addition to a general storage area, there is an office, checkout area, equipment repair room and a breathing apparatus maintenance area.

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