Turn Over to Page 1093

Turn Over to Page 1093

OUR readers are invited to make the fullest possible use of the service FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING stands ready to give.

For Example—

TURN over, now, to page 1093 and check the items that interest you. We change these paragraphs frequently, and if you keep watching them you are sure to find announcements of many new catalogs, etc., that you will want. Write either to the manufacturer direct, or send your inquiry through us. We shall be glad to take care of it for you.

Other Service

EXAMPLE of another type of service that FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING is constantly furnishing its readers is indicated in the following letter received the other day from Harry Hutton, Chief of the Salem, Oregon, Fire Department:

“I am writing to inform you that our two-platoon plan carried better than 3 to 1. I want to thank you for the information sent me regarding other cities having two platoons, as it helped us more than anything else to show the people of Salem what others were doing.”

ALL well and good, but don’t forget, in passing, to check page 1093.

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