Twenty-fourth Annual Meeting of N. F. P. A.

Twenty-fourth Annual Meeting of N. F. P. A.

Following is the program of the 24th annual meeting of the National Fire Protection Association which is now taking place in the Auditorium, twenty-first floor of the Insurance Exchange, Jackson Boulevard and La Salle Street, Chicago, Ill., the dates being Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, May 4, 5 and 6:


Morning Session, 10 A. M.

Fig. 16 Improved Side Method Arch. Added strength by vertical and horizontal webbing skew-backs, with lower flange to middle of I-beams.
  1. Roll Call.
  2. President’s Address.

Appointment of Committee on Resolutions.

  1. Report of the Executive Committee.
  2. Resolutions.
  3. Reports of the Secretary-Treasurer and Editor of the Quarterly.
  4. Amendments to Articles of Association.—Committee Report. Robert D. Kohn (New York), Chairman.
  5. Membership Committee Report. Charles E. Meek (New York), Chairman.
  6. Public Information—Committee Report. Franklin H. Wentworth (Boston), Chairman.
  7. Five-minute Reports from Local Chapters and Organization Members on Work in Fire Prevention.
  8. Canadian Committee Report. John B. Laidlaw (Toronto), Chairman.
  9. Fire and Accident Prevention Day—Committee Report. H. P. Weaver (Philadelphia), Chairman.
  10. Fire Department Co-operation. T. G. Toomey (Boston), Chairman.
  11. Manufacturing Risks and Special Hazards—Committee Report. Benjamin Richards (Chicago), Chairman.
  12. Private Fire Supplies from Public Mains—Committee Report. E. V. French (Boston), Chairman.
  13. Docks, Piers and Wharves. Charles W. Staniford (New York), Chairman, Charles H. Fischer (Newark), Secretary.

Afternoon Session, 2 P. M.

  1. Automatic Sprinklers—Committee Report. C. L. Scofield (Montreal), Chairman.
  2. Sub-Committee Report. Supervision and Care of Valves Controlling Water Supplies for Fire Protection. Benjamin Richards (Chicago), Chairman.
  3. Field Practice—Committee Report. Edward R. Hardy (New York), Chairman.
  4. Nomenclature—Committee Report. I. H. Woolson (New York), Acting Chairman.
  5. Marine Fire Hazards—Committee Report. Samuel D. McComb (New York), Chairman.
  6. Safety to Life—Committee Report. H. W. Forster (Philadelphia), Chairman.
  7. Intensive Work in Fire Prevention—Address with lantern slides by J. W. Stevens (San Francisco), Manager Fire Prevention Bureau of the Pacific; Former Battalion Chief Portland Oregon Fire Department.


Special. The new three-reel fire prevention motion picture, “America’s Greatest Crime” produced by the Ince Studios, Los Angeles, under the direction of Mr. Jay W. Stevens (member N. F. P. A.) will be shown at the 7:30 evening performance, Tuesday, May 4th, at State-Lake Theatre, State and Lake Streets. Admission 55 cents. A section of the house will be reserved for N. F. P. A. members, who should show their badges at the box office when purchasing tickets.


Morning Session, 10 A. M.

  1. Electrical Committee Report. Dana Pierce (New York), Chairman, Ralph Sweetland (Boston), Secretary.
  2. Signaling Systems—Committee Report. Ralph Sweetland (Boston), Chairman.
  3. Small Hose Couplings. R. W. Hendricks (Chicago), Chairman.
  4. Building Construction—Committee Report. Ira H. Woolson (New York), Chairman. H. V. Thayer (Boston), Secretary.
  5. Dust Explosions—Address with motion pictures and demonstrations by D. J. Price, Engineer in charge, Grain Dust Explosion Investigations, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Chemistry.


Arranged by Chicago Association of Commerce at 12:15 P. M. sharp, Hotel La Salle, Madison and LaSalle Streets.

Wednesday Afternoon, May 5th.

Visit to Underwriters’ Laboratories, 207 E. Ohio Street. All members and guests are invited to spend the afternoon at the Laboratories, where the engineers and their assistants will be on duty to explain to visitors the nature of tests and test-apparatus in all departments. Current work scheduled for May 5th includes: Fire and drop tests on Class B safe. Fire and water tests on Class A partition. Fire tests on first aid appliances. Operation test of deluge valve. Distribution tests of automatic sprinklers. Oxyacetylene blow pipe test. Miscellaneous electrical and chemical tests.


Morning Session, 10 A. M.

  1. Standardization of Pipe and Pipe Fittings—Committee Report. Walter Teague (New York), Chairman.
  2. Fire Pumps—Committee Report. H. O. Lacount (Boston), Chairman.
  3. Gases—Committee Report. J. I. Banash (New York), Chairman.
  4. Inflammable Liquids—Committee Report. Edward A. Barrier (Boston), Chairman.
  5. Hazardous Chemicals and Explosives—Committee Report. George W. Booth (New York), Chairman.
  6. Fire Tests of Pyroxylin Compounds: Summary and Pictures. By H. L. Miner, (Wilmington, Del.), (Member of Committee).
  7. Report of Committee on Resolutions.
  8. Reports of Delegates to Conventions of Other Bodies.
  9. New Business.
  10. Report of Nominating Committee and Election of Officers.


F. Elliot Cabot (Boston), Chairman.

In conformity with the Articles of Association the Nominating Committee submits the following nominations for officers, members of Executive Committee, and members of Nominating Committee:


For President:—Mr. W. E. Mallalieu (New York.)

For 1st Vice-President:—Mr. H. O. Lacount (Boston, Mass.)

For 2nd Vice-President:—Mr. W. C. Robinson (Chicago.)

For Secretary-Treasurer:—Mr. Franklin H. Wentworth (Boston, Mass.)

For Chairman of Executive Committee:—Mr. Rudolph P. Miller (New York.)

For Executive Committee (for Three Years):—Mr. George H. Greenfield, Montreal; Mr. Walter A. Hull, Washington; Mr. H. L. Miner, Wilmington, Del.; Mr. Benjamin Richards, Chicago; Mr. Robert Scott, Wilmington, N. C.

For Nominating Committee (1921). Three Members:—Mr. Henry V. Thayer, Boston, Chairman; Mr. Henry A. Fiske, Providence; Mr. George W. Booth, New York.

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