Two 6000-GPM Fireboats Protecting Boston Harbor

Two 6000-GPM Fireboats Protecting Boston Harbor

Fireboat Fitzpatrick is designed to serve also as an aircraft rescue vessel.

Two new 6000-gpm fireboats are now protecting the port of Boston. One of them is Engine 47 of the Boston Fire Department and the other is the Howard J. Fitzpatrick, operated by the Massachusetts Port Authority.

The fire department boat is 76 feet, 7 1/2 inches long and has a 19-foot 5-inch beam and a 5 1/2-foot draft. The Massport fireboat is about 4 feet longer with a foot more beam. Each steelhull fireboat has four Detroit Diesel 12V-71N engines, two for propulsion and two for pumping.

The Boston boat has two DeLaval pumps, each rated at 3000 gpm at 180 psi, with 10-inch suctions and 8-inch discharges. The two DeLaval pumps on the Fitzpatrick have the same rating but have 12-inch suctions and 10-inch discharges. Because of the use of separate engines for the pumps, all pumping operations are independent of boat propulsion speeds.

Both craft also have Squrt articulated boom water towers mounted just aft of their pilot houses, as well as two Stang deck guns on their forward decks and two more atop their main cabins. Each gun can deliver 1500 gpm through 2-inch tips at about 150 psi nozzle pressure. Just above the waterline, the Boston fireboat has a remotecontrol wharf monitor on each side of her bow. The Massport boat has one wharf monitor. These monitors can direct fire streams under pier decks. Engine 47 also has three deck hydrants with four 3 1/2-inch outlets each.

Each fireboat also has a foam system with a 500-gallon foam concentrate tank.

The two fireboats, both built by the Grafton Boat Co., Inc., at Grafton, Ill., have complete living facilities for their crews, including air conditioning aboard the fire department boat. Engine 47 has two two-man staterooms and one officer’s stateroom, and the Massport craft has a four-man stateroom.

The Fitzpatrick, in addition to doing fire fighting duty, serves as an aircraft rescue vessel. Besides radios on fire department and marine channels, the Fitzpatrick also has a Logan International Airport control tower radio frequency.

For rescue purposes, the Massport boat has a 4-foot-long removable bulwark section on each side, and the stern deck is open for easy access to a rescue platform. There is also a scuba room aboard the boat.

Engine 47 is the newest fireboat in the Boston Fire Department fleet.
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