Two Attractive Stations for Austin

Two Attractive Stations for Austin

Plans for two well designed fire stations have been prepared by Giesecke and Harris, architects with offices in Austin and Houston, Tex.

The Fast Avenue station was erected, except for a few minor details, in accordance with the illustration. The house is of the Spanish type and the dimensions are thirty-five feet front by fitty-five and one-half feet deep. The exterior walls consist of four-inch face brick with eight-inch common brick backing. The interior walls are of plaster on two by four-inch studs. The interior walls are finished in a style that will carry out the design and express a home-like atmosphere.

The Speedway Fire Station for Austin, Tex.

Plans by Giesecke & Harris

The East Avenue Fire Station

Plans by Giesecke & Harris

The station is provided with ample locker space, showers, kitchen and so forth. The truck room walls are finished with face brick up to the ceiling which is of metal. The entrance door is of the overhead type and is equipped with fire station hardware so that it is possible to open the door with remarkable rapidity.

The low bids received for erection of this station are as follows: general construction, $9,754; plumbing, $661, and wiring, $174.50. The total cost is $10,589.50.

There is a side entrance to the station leading to the captain’s office. The living room is at the front of the house so that the majoriy of the men stationed there will have the more attractive view. Plenty of light for the dormitory is provided by the six windows in that room.

The Speedway Fire station is of the residential type, designed along Dutch bungalow lines. The plans of this house were modified somewhat in order to cut down construction costs.

The exterior walls are of eight-inch common brick which will be painted white. The interior walls are of plaster on two by four-inch studs. The finish will harmonize with the other parts of the interior. The roof will be of asbestos shingles in a gray shade.

The equipment of this house is similar to the East Avenue station. Each will accommodate five men and a captain. The truck room is designed for one truck. Both stations are equipped with the same type of entrance door for the apparatus room.

The low bids received for the construction of this station are as follows: general, $7,397: plumbing, $725, and wiring, $165. This makes a total of $8,287.

There are many windows to provide ample light for the rooms. There is an entrance from the terrace to the captain’s office, and an entrance from the side to the living room.

Sherman, Tex., Wants Platoon System—The council of Sherman, Tex., is considering establishing the platoon system for the fire department. A report was presented by the city manager concerning the way the system has worked in other Texas cities.

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