Two Die in Lakewood, N. J., Hotel Fire

Two Die in Lakewood, N. J., Hotel Fire

Fire which destroyed a hotel in Lakewood, N. J., caused the death of two of the women guests—one a late arrival and the other a nurse who lived there. The fire which started in the basement worked its way up the stair case. The entrapped guests had rooms on the opposite side on that which the fire escape was located.

The owner is held for violation of the building code which requires that each room in a building of three stories or more must have an individual rope or chain fire escape. The building inspector had sent a notice by registered mail to install fire escapes but this letter was disregarded. This is the second hotel fire within a week in Lakewood.

Westport, Conn., Buys a Triple Combination—A triple combination Hahn pumper was purchased by the fire department of Westport, Conn.

Bridgeport, Conn., Adds Nine Firemen—Nine new firemen were appointed to the fire department of Bridgeport, Conn., on January 23. Four captains and the same number of lieutenants were made by the fire commissioners of that city.

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