Two Firefighters Injured in Fall River Mill Fire

Two firefighters were injured early Tuesday battling a mill fire on Weaver Street in Fall River, reports

Investigators said the mill may have been struck by lightning.

“Once the roof gets going these things can turn out real bad,” said District Fire Chief Scott Flannery.

Smoke and flames filled the interior of the building, eventually spreading to the roof.

“We had a lot of guys on the roof ripping it apart, it’s real exhausting for them,” Flannery said.

Two firefighters had heat exhaustion.

“Just two firefighters didn’t look so good. We took their vitals and took them to the hospital,” he said. “We are understaffed. We had 240 firefighters and now we have 170. We got lucky here.”

The fire chief said the sprinklers were not working in the mill, but there was a person on fire watch.

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