Two Firemen Drowned in Rescue Effort

Two Firemen Drowned in Rescue Effort

Two firemen, members of the Huntington, W. Va., Fire Department, drowned in the swollen Ohio River in an effort to rescue the bodies of three boys who had drowned May 22, 1948.

The three unidentified boys, who had ventured out on the swift-moving waters, were all drowned when they were thrown into the river.

The firemen, Lieutenant Leonard Hartz and Fireman W. Ernie Booth, set out in boat powered with an outboard motor to attempt to locate the boys’ bodies less than ninety minutes after they had disappeared. The motor failed to start and the craft was carried by the swift current into a barge of the Ohio River Co. moored with other barges at a ferry landing.

The firemen’s boat struck the barge sideways and upset. Police who had accompanied the firemen on the call, said both Hartz and Booth jumped and started swimming for shore but were pulled under.

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