Two Firemen Killed in Apparatus Crash

Two Firemen Killed in Apparatus Crash

Fire Sweeps Home of Brooklyn Dodgers' President Fire raging through the $65,000 Clayton, Mo., home of Brooklyn Dodgers President Branch Rickey, resulted in damage of more than $35,000 to the structure and $15,000 to the contents. Mr. Rickey, former Vice-President of the St. Louis Cardinals, now resides in Brooklyn, but the twelve-room house near St. Louis is occupied by his two daughters.

A heavily-laden transport truck nearing the end of its run from St. Louis and a Kansas City, Mo., fire truck speeding to a motor car cushion fire collided on October 26, killing two of the four men riding the fire truck.

One of those injured was a seventeenyear-old substitute fireman who was making his second fire call after having completed his training.

The driver of the truck told police he was moving along about twenty miles an hour when he saw the fire truck enter the intersection about thirty feet away. He heard the siren at the same time he saw the big red machine, but it was too late to stop.

His machine tore into the left rear end of the fire truck which had been proceeding south. It was whirled around in the street, its nose pointing north before it careened into the curb on the southwest corner of the intersection where it toppled over on its side. Both men were thrown from the truck.

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