Two Labor Day Fires Provide Labor for L. A. Department

Two Labor Day Fires Provide Labor for L. A. Department

Two Labor Day multiple alarm fires were battled in the Los Angeles area by L.A. City and County firemen.

The first blaze broke out shortly before noon in a small, but important Southwest Los Angeles industrial district.

When Engine, Truck, and Salvage 34 arrived at the Insul-Flex Co., 3671 9th Ave., only a short block from Station 34, the 200 x 75 ft. warehouse structure was already fully involved.

The one-story corrugated metal building contained bales of insulation material, which produced intense flame and heat and hampered efforts of fire fighters.

L.A. City firemen successfully protected four boxcars on adjacent Pacific Electric freight tracks, but the fire spread to the storage yard of the Saroyan Lumber Co. at 3000 Exposition Blvd. Numerous piles of lumber here caught fire, but the mill, offices, and main part of the yard were saved.

A huge throng of holiday spectators hampered activities of the four engines, two trucks, and salvage company which fought the fire under command of Asst. Chief Pat Ferguson, Division 2.

Damage to the insulation plant was estimated at $150,000 and to the lumberyard at $20,000.

Then at 5:19 p.m. L.A. County firemen responded to a fire in a market at Lakewood and South Sts. in the city of Lakewood.

Asst. Chief Harvey W. Crutchfield, Division 1, called for a second and third alarm as the U-Tel-Um market was fully involved.

The market was a loss with damage estimated at $200,000.

Extra details of sheriff’s deputies were called in as more holiday sightseers jammed the area.

Part of huge throng which jammed area to watch insulation plant and lumberyard in Southwest Los Angeles burn on Labor Day. Box cars on siding were saved, but traffic on Pacific Electric tracks was held up due to hose lines laid across rails.

Eight engines, one truck, and a rescue unit worked the fire under direction of Chief Crutchfield and Battalion Chief, A. C. Wilie.

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