Two New Important Publications

Two New Important Publications

From Los Angeles come two new texts which should be of interest and help to members of the fire service everywhere in this country.

The two volumes are entitled: “The Fireman’s Law Book” and “Handbook of Disaster Control.” The author is Charles W. Bahme of Los Angeles, Calif. He is Captain of the Dangerous Chemicals Detail, Los Angeles Fire Department; Attorney at Law, Member of the California Bar; Lieutenant Commander, U.S.N.R. (Inactive) and Former Security Coordinator for the Chief of Naval Operations.

THE FIREMAN’S LAW BOOK : 148 pages; 8 1/4 x 10 3/4 ; Price $3.00. This is a revision of the author’s thesis published in 1943, now out of print. The book not only covers the rights and liabilities of firemen and fire departments, but has added chapters on such subects as civil suits, criminal actions, the judicial system, practical pointers, plus a glossary of terms. It is used as a textbook in one of the University of Southern California’s Fire Administration courses. It contains 14 Chapters and a Foreword by Los Angeles Chief John H. Alderson.

Waukegan's new fire station.

HANDBOOK OF DISASTER CONTROL : 94 pages; Price $2.50; same size. This is an outline of the various problems arising from disasters, both “man-made” and “Acts of God.” It contains suggested methods for handling such , emergencies. After discussing the cause, effects, and methods of control for the various kinds of disasters, it offers guidance in preparing a disaster plan for industrial and governmental organizations. It also points out the specific objectives, tasks, and operational procedures for such emergency divisions as communications, supply, security, personnel, transportation, traffic control, fire control, etc., and how they may be coordinated with the civil defense program. This text is being used in classes in Disaster Control Administration also in the U.S.C. School of Public Administration. It contains 6 chapters and bibliography.

These, two books may be ordered from Charles W. Bahme, 8631 Olin Street, Los Angeles 34, Calif.

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