Two Oil Fires Near Warren, Pa.

Two Oil Fires Near Warren, Pa.

The Warren Refining Company at Venturetown, Pa., about one mile from Warren, Pa., was completely destroyed as the result of a fire that originated in the pump house. The blaze started from a gas explosion, and being in the pump house, it was impossible to use the water supply or to extinguish the flames with steam.

The building was constructed of brick with no sprinkler equipment, and it was not long before the fire communicated to nearby tanks and buildings. The Warren, Pa., department sent one pumper under the command of Chief C. M. Gordon—a line was laid to a nearby creek, from which suction was obtained. The fire started at 9 a. nt., and assistance was rushed from Jamestown at about noon. It was soon evident that with the meager equipment and the lack of a water supply, the fire fighters could not cope with a fire of such large proportions. The firemen concentrated their work in saving the homes nearby; and they did.

Fire at the Warren Refining Company Plant Showing a Number of Tanks on fire

The fire burned for eighty-one hours, destroying one hundred and fifty tanks with the resulting damage of close to $1,000,000. Several freight cars near the plant caught fire but they were saved. When the Warren firemen arrived, the pump house, boiler house, and the gasoline tanks were on fire; it was fortunate that no lives were lost in this fire.

About one hundred firemen with two 750-gallon AmericanLaFrance pumpers, prevented the spread of the flames. The men used 4,000 feet of hose eqnipped with 1 to 114-inch nozzles.

Within the same month as the previous fire, lightning that struck among the oil tanks at Warren, Pa., caused a fire that resulted in a loss of $150,000. The firemen had a hard fight to prevent the spread of the flames to nearby property. The closeness of one tank to another, made the extinguishment of the flames more difficult.


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