Final Plans far Putting the Fire Department on This Basis—Schedule of the Tours of Duty—The Cost and Personnel

FIRE Commissioner Theodore A. Glynn has reported to Mayor James M. Curley final plans for putting the Boston fire department on a two-platoon basis on February 1. Every officer will be promoted and assigned to his new station and every new man will be ready for duty at 9 A. M. on that day. putting the change into immediate effect throughout the entire force.

Requisition has been made on the civil service tor 210 privates, who will be sent for in batches of 20 to 25 during the coming month for examination and instruction. Of that number 177 are necessary to strengthen the companies and the rest to fill vacancies resulting from promotions, as there will be added to the force 3 deputy chiefs, 15 district chiefs, 7 captains and 8 lieutenants. The promotions will be announced later in the month. The total additional outlay for the first year of the new system will be $349,647.50.

Schedule of the Boston Fire Department Two-Platoon System

Key to Schedule

1. Captain. 2. Lieutenant. 3. Engineer. 4. Asst. Engineer. 5. Telegraphers. 6. Telegraphers. 7 to 18 Chauffeurs, Hosemen, Laddermen, Tillermen.

Commissioner Glynn’s report tp the Mayor was as follows:

City of Boston Fire Department, Bristol Street. December 31. 1923. Hon. James M. Curley, Mayor of the City of Boston.

DEAR SIR: I respectfully report to Your Honor that plans have been arranged to put the two-platoon system in operation in the Boston fire department on February 1, 1924. and I request Your Honor’s approval of the scheme outlined herein and on the attached schedules.

In connection with the installation of this system I would call Your Honor’s attention to the fact that in most of the large cities where this system was installed the installation was spread out over a period of several months. In New York, for example, it required from fourteen to sixteen months to install the two-platoon system fhroughout the department. It was installed there piecemeal, that is, one or two districts at a time.

Cinder the plans prepared for installation in this city we shall have every officer promoted and assigned to his proper station on February 1, 1924. at 9 A. M. We will also have every new man in his respective station, ready for duty at 9 A. M., February 1, 192.4. On that day and at that hour the Boston fire department will be ready for the system to be put into operation without any interference whatever with the regular routine and efficiency, and with the finest force of men that ever made up the Boston fire department.

The plan proposed is as follows:

We have made requisition on Civil Service today for 210 privates, 177 of these are necessary on account of the installation of the system to strengthen the companies, and the remainder will fill vacancies resulting from promotions. These men will he sent for in hatches of twenty to twenty-five, will be interviewed ami instructed, and examined by the fire department medical examiner. On acceptance they will be notified to report to the fire commissioner on January 31. 1924, to receive final instructions and assignments. The men will then report to their immediate superior officers at 9 A. M., February 1, 1924.

I believe there is much to warrant and recommend the plan as we have worked it out.

The unemployment situation in Boston is very acute at the present time and the prospect of putting 210 men to work on February 1, 1924. in an attractive position, will be very encouraging. I have found that practically all men who are appointed to the fire department are in good positions, but the places they will leave vacant will have to be filled, and this will give employment to at least 210 other men who are looking for work.

I believe therefore that the installation of this system will he of a double benefit to the city of Boston, in that it will give humane working and living conditions to the men of the Boston fire department, and will provide an opportunity for employment to over two hundred men. Yours very truly,


Fire Commissioner.

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