Twofold Lesson of a Fire

Twofold Lesson of a Fire

The large fire which occurred at Lynn, Mass., on April 28, emphasizes two very important lessons in Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention. First of these is the hazard of the inflammable roof. This fire would have amounted to little more than an ordinary blaze but for the combination of a high wind and wooden shingle roofs. The wind, as is so often the case, carried the flaming brands long distances and deposited them on the inflammable wooden shingles with the inevitable result of a root fire. The consequence was that the firemen, both of Lynn and of the assisting departments, were kept on the jump and had not one but several fires to handle simultaneously.

The second lesson that this fire teaches is the advantage of standardized fire hose couplings. The admirable co-operation displayed by the volunteer fire departments of the several surrounding cities would have been of little avail if their couplings had been of different sized threads from those of Lynn. As it was the firemen and the formidable array of pumpers sent from the various cities and towns were able to jump into the fray and instantly get to work on the fires. This fire therefore is an excellent example of what can be accomplished through the standardization of the hose couplings of fire departments and the lesson should be taken to heart by those cities in the various parts of the country which still have couplings of other than standard thread.


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