U. of Maryland Offers Fire Protection Course

U. of Maryland Offers Fire Protection Course

The College of Engineering, Glenn L. Martin Institute of Technology, University of Maryland, has announced a new four-year curriculum in Fire Protection leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science, The new program begins with the opening of the fall semester in September, 1956.

The program is planned for those who desire a career in fire protection and prevention and is designed to emphasize the scientific and technical base. The first two years of the course will be nearly identical with those of other engineering fields. In addition, certain cultural and elective courses are included as well as Air Force ROTC. The facilities of the Fire Service Extension Department will be used for theoretical and laboratory work supplemented by field problems and trips to industrial and municipal fire protection installations.

Admission requirements will be those of the College of Engineering, although more emphasis will be placed upon good grades and other evidence of probable success rather than on a fixed pattern of subject matter. Four units of English, three and a half units of mathematics and one unit each of social and natural sciences are required in addition to electives. High school graduates lacking certain units of mathematics, but otherwise qualified, can take the subjects in a special program.

Persons interested in enrolling should apply to the Director of Admissions, University of Maryland, College Park, Md.

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