In the last six months of 1919 the American people spent $67,212,677.80 for goods whose selling prices were subject to the 10 per cent, “luxury” tax which became effective May 1, last, an average of $11,202,112.96 a month. In the first two months of the operation of this tax they spent but $3,949,717.80, an average of $1,974,858.90.

This tax imposed on carpets costing more than $5 a yard, socks over $1, stockings over $2, shoes over $10, men’s hats over $5, women’s hats over $15, travelling bags over $25, trunks over $50, and so on. It is impossible to determine what relation this tax bears to the whole price of articles bought, but it has been surmised that it is around 2 1/2 per cent.

On this basis, then, the value of goods subject to “luxury” taxes bought in July to December, inclusive, was not less than $2,500,000,000, or somewhere around $25 per capita of population.

For the fiscal year ended June 30, last, specific figures are available for other classes of purchases outside utilities. The sales, compared with 1918, were as follows:

Mr. D. O. Skinner, recently resigned his position of advertising manager of the International Motor Company, manufacturers of the Mack Trucks, to devote his entire attention to matters of his own private interest.

In the years of his service Mr. Skinner had won for himself and for the great concern he represented so much of real admiration and no less real friendship, that it will seem difficult to think of Mr. Skinner aside from the Mack Truck, or to see daily the hundreds of Mack Trucks on the highways without thinking of Mr. Skinner.

Really, you know, it seems almost a pity that such an intimate association of so excellent a man, with so fine and prominent a concern should be terminated voluntarily, but wherever he goes, or whatever he does Mr. Skinner will carry with him the regard and earnest good wishes of The FIRE ENGINEER and its entire staff.

The International Motor Company has appointed Mr. H. C. Bailey, to succeed Mr. Skinner and Mr. P. L. Sniffin, has been made the assistant editor of the International Motor Co.’s house organ “The Mack Bulldog” and also is in charge of the Mack Publicity Bureau.

Confident best wishes to them both.

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