Unique Use of Advertising Sells Fire Prevention

Unique Use of Advertising Sells Fire Prevention

Fire prevention is a difficult subject for advertising—to “sell” to the man on the street—particularly newspaper advertising. Yet it is reported that a series of informational advertisements on the subject have been effective in the City of Green Bay, Wis.

Perhaps this is because the advertiser, in this case a local insurance concern, has tied his advertising message of prevention of fire, to the Green Bay Fire Department, bringing his appeal right down to the local level. Furthermore, he has almost completely subordinated his own interest to those of the citizen, and the local fire department.

With no more advertising tie-in than a small type line at the bottom which read “a new informational series presented in the public interest by Murphy Insurance Agency,” a Green Bay, Wisconsin, company has spent approximately $1,000 on display advertisements for fire prevention.

The advertisements, similar in format, each contain an illustration of an officer of the Green Bay Fire Department. They started with the Chief, and were followed by the Assistant Chief, Inspector and down through the company captains and lieutenants. Attention-getting headlines in the ads reported the most frequent causes of fires and fire losses in Green Bay last year. The series started while the figures were “hot” right after the first of the year. The report on the traceable fire causes each week were in quotes, in the language of the fire fighter pictured in the ad. Then there is a series of Do’s and Don’ts on this particular fire hazard.

The ads were factual. They report the actual number of runs in Green Bay last year necessitated by each particular hazard or cause, and the loss in property resulting. They hit at the carelessness involved and advise on how these hazards can be reduced and eliminated. Each ad closed with a slogan “Carelessness Causes Fires. Most Fires Can Be Prevented.”

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