Unit Citation Presentation for Van Dusen Rescue

On Tuesday, April 21, 2012, a large contingent of Fire/EMS units that responded to a reported Confined Space Rescue in the 5400 block of Van Dusen Road in Laurel. Initial 911 callers reported an employee was pinned in a mulch dye machine.

Incident Command was established and an initial scene size up was performed by first arriving Fire/EMS personnel. After the initial assessment, a “GO Team” was requested to assist paramedics in the extrication of the victim trapped inside the machinery.

Additional resources began arriving on the scene and were put into positions to assist with this complicated and intense rescue. All units worked diligently as a team to ensure that all needed facets of the rescue were covered. Personnel performed tasks that included hauling systems, EMS Care, safety systems, liaisons, air monitoring, landing zones, and manual support.

Due to the professionalism of all personnel on the scene, the tireless efforts, and overall team effort, the patient was successfully extricated and transported to the hospital and is making a full recovery.

Their ability to work as part of a team was a significant contributing factor in the successful mitigation of this incident. Their actions reflect favorably upon themselves, the Fire/EMS units assigned to this incident and to the Department as a whole. Congratulations on a job well done.

In recognition of the combined efforts of these personnel in the rescue of an adult male trapped within the machinery of a mulch dye machine on April 21, 2012, Fire Chief Marc S. Bashoor presented the following personnel with a Unit Citation:

Incident Command

Assistant Fire Chief Adon Snyder
Assistant Fire Chief Dennis C. Wood
Technical Services Battalion Chief Steven E. White
Fire Fighter/Medic Battalion Chief Joseph A. Cardello
Paramedic Battalion Chief Kristen R. Angell
Fire Fighter/Medic Captain Brian J. Frankel
Fire Fighter Lieutenant Jeffrey R. Pinkett
Citizen Services Unit William McNeel
Volunteer Safety Officer Dave McGill

Technical Rescue 806 – St. Josephs

Fire Captain Steven Gallagher
Fire Fighter/Medic Jonathan W. Bender
Fire Fighter Tammy Acosta
Fire Fighter Michael J. Kiefer
Fire Fighter/Medic Leonard F. Collins
Fire Fighter/Medic Technician Jamieson P. Scarlata

Technical Rescue 847 – Fort Washington

Fire Fighter/Medic Captain Anthony P. McCormick
Fire Fighter Technician Michael J. Bell
Fire Fighter Brian S. Goldfeder
Fire Fighter/Medic Gilbert L. James, Jr.

Technical Rescue 814 – Berwyn Heights

Volunteer Assistant Chief Chase Fabrizo
Volunteer Captain Ryan Wagner
Fire Fighter/Medic Lieutenant Ryan G. Adkins
Fire Fighter/Medic Technician Rodney L. Bolen
Fire Fighter/Medic Bryan M. Anderson
Fire Fighter Evander M. Davis
Volunteer Fire Fighter Mark Grant
Volunteer Fire Fighter Scott Pierce
Volunteer Fire Fighter Nathan Collins

Fire/EMS Station 841 – Calverton

Fire Fighter/Medic Lieutenant Jesse R. Constantino
Fire Fighter/Medic Robert P. Roozen
Fire Fighter/Medic Angela D. Kennedy
Fire Fighter Michael W. Shackelford

Fire/EMS Station 810 – Laurel

Volunteer Assistant Chief Duane Hull
Fire Fighter/Medic Captain Lee R. Collins
Volunteer Captain Wesley Burns
Fire Fighter/Medic Richard E. Lawhorne
Volunteer Fire Fighter Joe Baker
Fire Fighter Christina M. McNeill
Paramedic Stephen G. Chagnon
Fire Fighter/Medic Edward G. Aldaco

Fire/EMS Station 831 – Beltsville

Fire Captain Scott Kilpatrick
Fire Fighter/Medic Ryan A. Stevens
Fire Fighter Chad M. Staley
Fire Fighter Michael W. Higdon

Fire/EMS Station 812 – College Park

Volunteer Chief William Corrigan
Fire Fighter/Medic Captain James M. Jiron
Fire Fighter/Medic Daniel K. Frost
Fire Fighter Brooke L. Thompson
Fire Fighter Keith R. Therres
Volunteer Fire Fighter Nicholas Lucianni

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