University of California Building Destroyed

University of California Building Destroyed

Hearst Hall and Hearst Hall Annex, one of the buildings of the University of California at Berkeley, Cal., were entirely destroyed by fire on June 21. The buildings covered approximately 150 x 200 feet, were three stories in height and constructed of frame and had been built twenty-one years. The fire started in the basement of the main building from unknown cause, the alarm being received at 7:56 P. M. from box at the University. The entire interior of the hall was a mass of flames when the department consisting of 70 men under command of Chief G. Sydney Rose arrived, the fire having broken through the roof of the main hall. There were 13 pieces of apparatus at the fire, which consisted of four engine companies, three hose companies, one truck company, one chemical company and one supply company. There were two 4-inch and two 6inch hydrants available about 600 feet apart. Two hydrant and five engine streams were thrown be sides several small lines from private standpipes on the grounds of the university. Two deluge sets were also brought into play. The value of the building was estimated at $100,000 and of the contents, consisting of general theatre and gymnasium supplies, was $50,000, the loss being total in both cases.

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